McDonald’s Vegan Burger Review: Probably The 2nd Goodest Burger from McDonald’s


When I told colleague A that I was going to review McDonald’s Vegan Burger, she was like, “Wait, what?! Since when did McDonald’s has a vegan burger?”

When I told colleague B that I was going to review McDonald’s Vegan Burger, he rolled his eyes and said, “Why would you review an old menu? You might as well review McChicken. Or McSpicy.”

I was about to give up when colleague C realized I was going to review it. He then told me with lit eyes, “OMG, that’s the best-est-est burger ever. You need to review it ‘coz people don’t seem to know it exists!”

Well, at least now I know the hours spent on this is going to be justifiable.

After all, old is gold (though it’s really not that old). And also, I agree with Colleague C: it’s probably one of the most lit burgers from McDonald’s, just behind my favourite McSpicy.

And for some reason, people don’t seem to know about it.

What is McDonald’s Vegan Burger?


Officially called the Veggie Crunch Burger, it’s a burger introduced to the McDonald’s permanent menu in Singapore in May 2016. Having said that, it’s actually not that old lah.

It’s, according to the McDonald’s website, an answer to the calls for a “vegetable-based option”.

The Veggie Crunch Burger doesn’t come expensive, too (you know, unlike the vegan cai png in hawker centres that seem a tad more expensive that normal cai png): the burger is at mere $3, and for a meal, it’s at $5.

In comparison, a McSpicy burger is at $5.80.

One thing to note is that while it doesnt have meat or dairy, it has egg and garlic.

It’s love at first bite

I remember a while back, after trying some vegan burgers from other fast-food restaurants that taste like a potato burger instead, I didn’t have high hopes then.

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But the Veggie Crunch Burger proved me wrong, and it has been an option for me when I’m not going for a full meal (read on and you’ll understand).

Taste Test with a Review in Mind

Having stolen our boss’s credit card again, I tried it with a pen and paper at my side, ready to pen down my thoughts as though I’m a food blogger (when in reality, I’m really just a food eater) so as to have a more in-depth understanding of why it’s such a lit burger.

It’s not about the patty

Remember me saying about potato burger by other fast-food chains? Reason being, their patties tasted like potato – it’s almost similar to having hash brown as a patty.

So, does the Veggie Crunch Burger’s patty stands out?

Well, it turns out that if I had focused my mind just in the patty, the Jedi in me said that it still tastes like potato…i.e., just like other vegan burgers.

Now I know it’s not the patty that shines. It’s the sauce.

There’s a sweet, sour and a tad salty taste that just complement the patty perfectly. With the lettuce and cucumber adding crunch to the whole burger, every bite is…addictive.

Yah, seriously. I can’t find a better word.

A bite would lead to another immediately, and even after having it without fries, I don’t feel jaded.

And here’s the next amazing part.

I have it without any chili sauce.

McDonald’s burgers come hand in hand with its iconic garlic chilli sauce, like how Donald Trump comes hand in hand with Kim Jong-Un.

However, this burger can be downed by itself without fries or chilli sauce. That says a lot about its taste.

But there’s an issue

It’s tooooooo small.

Compared to other burgers, it’s like their little brother (except McGriddles lah, but technically that’s a breakfast burger so no count). However, given its low price point, that is perfectly understandable. Give and take mah, right?

Remember me saying that it’s usually just a snack for me? Yeah, it’s because of its size. Give the fellow a gym membership and some protein shake, and it’ll be my to-go for lunch or dinner.


I guess you’ve already known what I’m going to say. I’ll give it six stars out of five stars.

As for my colleague who liked it as well? He concurred.

And it’s not often that we agree on something.

So instead of having McGriddles this weekend, why not try this?

For all you know, your friends might think that it’s yet another new item #truestory

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