MCD’s My Melody Holder Sold Out Islandwide Within Hours & Resold at High Price in Carousell

Pray tell me, why am I not surprised?

Let’s start with the basics: McDonald’s Singapore announced that Hello Kitty’s BFF has been molded into a holder that you probably could buy from gift shops. As long as you buy something from McDonald’s, you can get the holder for $6.90.

Here’s how it looks like:

I don’t know what’s the fuss all about, but I can’t deny that the fuss is real.

Because within hours of its release, it’s…sold out. In all outlets. Despite the limit of five sets per customer.

Like, seriously!?

And by the way, if you think it’ll be restocked, you’ll be disappointed. Read on.

Long Queues in McDonald’s Outlets

According to STOMP, a reader has spotted a queue of 15 to 20 people in the McDonald’s outlet that’s in front of Bukit Batok MRT Station at…5:55 a.m.

In the official McDonald’s website, it states that the holder would be available from 4:00 a.m. this morning.

In other words, I think many people had McDonald’s breakfast this morning #justsaying

But I won’t need to tell you that all outlets should have a snaking queue this morning. No wonder my colleague is late.

Even Cars Are Queuing Up

According to a Facebook user, this queue appeared on Punggol SAFRA:

Image: Facebook (Jasmin Quek)

And it was 4+ a.m.

Like a wise man once said, “Waking up for work is difficult. Waking up for Hello Kitty or his BFF is easy.”

I totally concur.

As you might have guessed, not all of them were fans of the cat with a mouth.

Scalpers Appeared in Carousell

It doesn’t take long for scalpers to peddle their hauls on Carousell.

A simple check on Carousell shows that the holders are being sold from $20 to $50 each.

Image: Carousell

Heck, there’s even one with boxes of My Melodies.

Image: Mystery Carousell User
Image: Mystery Carousell User

Imagine you queuing up for three hours and buying five set at $34.50. If you sell each for $50, you’d have made a tidy profit of $215.50. Not bad for a three-hour work, eh?

Why am I still writing articles here?

Complaints Stream in on McDonald’s Facebook Page

For the real fans, it could be frustrating: all you want is a My Melody holder and people with a lot of ethics and entrepreneurship skills decided to profit from you.

Which of course leads to displeasure that flooded the McDonald’s Facebook Page:

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

Did anyone remember that McDonald’s sells burgers?

I pity those fellows who just want to have a nice breakfast in McDonald’s today only to see the outrageous queue.

McDonald’s Singapore’s Response

For people who hope that it’ll do a Nasi Lemak Burger, I’m afraid I’ve to break this news to you: a Mcdonald’s spokesperson has told The Straits Times that they currently have no plans to bring in additional stocks.

So if you really need a holder to carry your fries and drinks, you either get a Tupperware from Japan Home or fork out $50 to buy one from Carousell.

What’s This My Melody Craze All About?

In case you’re not aware, this My Melody holder isn’t exclusively available in Singapore.

It has soared to popularity in Japan before reaching our shores, and were priced at 890 yen (S$10.80)

Image: Airfov

Oh, yes, they even got the ‘MRT’ version.

At least you now know that it’s a tad more expensive in Japan.