Look At How Much These Mediacorp Celebrities Have Changed Over The Years

Image: Mothership / Hawtcelebs

People change with time, be it their looks, their personalities, or their dress sense. These Mediacorp celebrities of the past and present have too!

Some of the changes were jaw-dropping and others looked like they haven’t aged even a day. Here’s a look at some of them!

Fiona Xie

Left: mothership.sg | Right: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)
Left: mothership.sg | Right: Instagram (@xplacidacidx)

Our favourite Little Genie, Fiona Xie joined Mediacorp in 2001 when she was just 19. Fast forward a couple of years (actually, it’s almost 20 years lah), the petite actress is now 37 years old, and yet still look so gorgeous

Chen Li Ping

Left: hardwarezone.com.sg | Right: todayonline.com

Chen Li Ping’s changes over the years are perhaps the most drastic out of all the actors and actresses in this list. Sure, the actress put on some weight over the years but hey, at least she is still the happy-go-lucky Chen Li Ping we used to watch on My Teacher, Aiyoyo!

Sharon Au

Left: pe2011facts.wordpress.com | Right: businesstimes.com.sg
Left: pe2011facts.wordpress.com | Right: businesstimes.com.sg

Since leaving Mediacorp years ago, Sharon Au graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo and went to France for an exchange program during her studies there.

The 44-year-old came back to Singapore after that, but is current now in Paris as an investment director.

Elvin Ng

Left: vebidoo.com | Right: entertainment.toggle.sg
Left: vebidoo.com | Right: entertainment.toggle.sg

Elvin Ng used to be a model with Elite Models Singapore and later, Looque Models. He was first scouted when he appeared on a variety show called School Belle and the Beau.

The hunk made his acting debut in 2005 in Life of Hope and got the coveted All-Time Favourite Artiste in Star Awards 2017.

Jeanette Aw 

Left: ouxuanfan.blogspot.com | Right: jcode.sg
Left: ouxuanfan.blogspot.com | Right: jcode.sg

Did you know that Jeanette Aw was the first Mediacorp celebrity to have hit 1 million likes for her Facebook fan page?

Because of that, she was named the Caldecott Hill’s social media queen and won the respective award at the Star Awards in 2014 and 2015.

Felicia Chin

Left: sobriquetz.blogspot.sg | Right: todayonline.com

Felicia Chin made headlines when she announced that she was leaving Mediacorp to pursue her studies at National University of Singapore (NUS)…

…and made headlines again after she announced that she was leaving NUS to go back to Mediacorp.

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Now, she’s a regular back on our TV.

Jayley Woo

Left: camqueenoftheyear.com | Right: toggle.sg
Left: camqueenoftheyear.com | Right: toggle.sg

Before she became a Mediacorp celebrity, Jayley Woo used to be a popular blogger with her identical older twin sister, Hayley Woo.

She also sings, models, and hosts: talk about multi-talented!