Young Medical Student Gave CPR After Man Collapsed Of Heart Attack; Broke Down After She Couldn’t Save Him

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Heroes are often portrayed as near-omniscient on the big screen. That is to say; they always seem to be perfectin the sense that they manage to save everyone ten (alright maybe nine) out of ten times.


But life isn’t as smooth-sailing in reality.

Though heroes do exist in real life, just in a different ‘sense’, they do not manage to save every single life that comes by their way. Sometimes, it’s inevitable that the worst case scenario would come true…

Even if they, cliche as it may sound, tried their very best.

Young Medical Student Gave CPR After Man Collapsed Of Heart Attack

A young woman in Malaysia has gone viral, after her valiant effort to rescue a man was posted on social media.

According to a Facebook post by Meet Friends By Love, a man had collapsed in an eatery in Negeri Sembilan.

The cause is believed to have been cardiac arrest.

The man had reportedly fallen onto the floor, alarming other diners as he did so.

A young medical student, who happened to be in the same area, then stepped up to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man.

The young woman is reported to have done so until the ambulance arrived.

Broke Down After She Couldn’t Save Him

Despite her best efforts, however, it seems that the man was beyond help at that point.

According to news reports, the 44-year-old eventually submitted to the fatal attack.

Upon hearing the news, the girl was reportedly unable to hold back her tears.

It cut a sorry sight indeed and brings further light to how dangerous cardiac arrests can be, and the consequences they may pose.

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Image: Facebook (Meet Friends By love)

But The Woman Has Won The Praise Of The Internet

The young medical student may have failed to accomplish her task, but she has still garnered the unwavering support of arguably the hardest people to please in the history of mankind

The Netizens of the Internet.

In the comments section of the original post, which has since accumulated over 7.6K likes and reactions as well as 3K shares, Netizens could be seen appraising the effort of the young woman.

Image: Facebook (Meet Friends By Love)

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

Translation for the last two comments (based on the meaning of the text):

“To the white-suited angel, you have my utmost respect. You can make it through this!”


“You’re a good girl, you can do this!”

Well, it looks like the young woman’s valiant attempt has certainly not gone unrecognised.

And to add on to the point, the deceased family has since expressed their appreciation towards the young woman:


In translation, it means:


“The person we would like to thank the most is the helpful young lady. You are amazing and brave. Please do not blame yourself.

“Our whole family is thankful for you.”

Image: tvtropes

Dammit… who’s cutting the damn onions in here?

Editor: Stop using my polo tee as your tissue paper you piece of sh*t.


Perhaps In The End… It’s Truly The Effort That Counts

Oftentimes, we’re so set on the end result that we end up losing track of the process. And while the end result is undeniably important…

There is a reason why they say “It’s the thought (effort) that counts”.

And though the young woman was unable to save a man from dying…

I think we can all agree that she has truly, truly…

Put in her best effort.


Kudos, young lady. And do not lose hope. Because I’m sure that in the near and distant future

You’ll be saving many, many more lives.

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