Melissa Faith Yeo Suddenly Dropped a Video Claiming Andie Chen Publicly Slut-Shamed Her

The last time we remembered Melissa Faith Yeo was when she hurled vulgarities at an SMRT employee and policewoman.

The former actress-model, now a property agent, suddenly posted a TikTok video, spilling tea about a romance that fizzled out ten years ago.

Needed “Pity Votes” for Star Awards

Melissa posted a TikTok video on 30 May, with the headline “spilling the tea on the media industry in Singapore”.

She talked about what happened after she broke up with a local actor in late 2011, stating that both parties decided not to talk about their relationship.

Yes, she’s talking about a relationship that ended more than a decade ago.

However, she said that the actor didn’t uphold his end of the bargain, and in 2012 decided “he needed the clout”.

“He needed the pity votes for Star Awards because he was nominated for Best Actor, so he decided to talk about our break-up and acted like the victim, and alluded to the press that I cheated on him,” alleged Melissa in the video.

She then added that she was slut-shamed due to that actor’s claims, and said that he did it knowing that Melissa is ëasily misunderstood and villainised”. She was allegedly even stopped from attending a public event because of this scandal.

You can watch her TikTok video here.

Netizens Deduced Identity of Actor

Of course, in typical tea-spilling fashion, she didn’t mention any names. But a bored Singaporean netizen is a formidable force.

Netizens quickly deduced that the actor she’s referring to is Andie Chen, who dated Melissa publicly. He was nominated for Best Actor in 2012 for his role in Code of Honour, which eventually went to Tay Ping Hui for his role in Bountiful Blessings.

In 2012, Andie told the media that he and Melissa broke up over “character differences”, but said that they ended their relationship on good terms. So it seems like character differences equate to cheating?

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Not First Time She Started Drama Over Their Relationship

Back in 2013, Melissa suddenly said that she once found a pair of female underwear in Andie’s clothes. She used this to accuse Andie of cheating on her.

Andie responded by explaining how that happened when he was filming overseas. His laundry service provider had apparently gotten his clothes mixed up with another person’s.

BTW, Andie is now happily married and has two children with actress Kate Pang. Responding to AsiaOne’s queries, he said that Melissa’s statement is untrue.

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Featured Image: TikTok (Melissa Faith Yeo) and Instagram (Andie Chen)