Men Robbed Woman in M’sia & Passers-by Came to Help Like a Wrecking Ball

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If it’s just another robbery caught on camera, it won’t have gone so viral. But no, this one isn’t. It’s about a robbery that went wrong…because passers-by came in to help.

And one came in like a wrecking ball~

Here’s some context: this happened in Ipoh, a city in Malaysia, Perak. The city is almost like a reflection of Singapore, with similar food, culture and, well, people. But it’s more like Singapore in the 1980s to 1990s—people speak Cantonese, most foods are sold in hawkers and everyone knows everyone.

Okay, I digress, but you get the idea of how Ipoh is like.

And remember, in the 1980s and 1990s, kampong spirit is high in Singapore. That spirit is still in Ipoh.

So, two motorcyclists decided to rob someone in a car. That someone, for some reason, didn’t lock her door (which is a big NO-NO in any part of Malaysia).

The robbers failed to get anything, and as they were riding off, Miley Cyrus came. Or to be more specific, passers-by came.

And they didn’t just come. Just take a look at this jolly good fellow.

That’s like…I don’t know. Heroic, or too much Netflix?

But at least, I know how kampong spirit looks like, and how a human wrecking ball looks like.

Anyway, now that you’re done admiring the kungfu kick, here’s what really happened, according to reports: this happened on Tuesday afternoon. The two men had pulled her shirt and asked for money; the woman then screamed for help and wrecking ball came. 

The police stated that the woman wasn’t injured. Anyway, how about that guy with kungfu kick? That looks painful.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Info Roadblock Jpj/polis)

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