What is Microwave Oven & How Microwave Works

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Many of us busy people think of microwave ovens as a godsend.

Work late? Throw something into the microwave oven and you’ll have a piping hot meal within minutes. Have leftover food? It’ll taste fresh again with that godsent machine.

But have you ever wondered how it works? Why your food sometimes ends up half hot and half cold? And why there are so many different settings?

Let Goody Feed explain everything about microwave ovens and the use of all its complicated buttons, so you can…erm, impress your Tinder date with knowledge of microwave ovens? That’s so sexy.

If you prefer to watch us microwaving a soft toy while learning about microwave, too, watch this video to the end then:

What is Microwave Oven & How Microwave Works

For a start, you ought to know how microwaves work. It’s simple enough and there’s no need for a PhD in Chemistry or Physics to understand it.

I don’t have one either. I wish.

You see, unlike a stove whereby the heat comes physically from the surface of the stove, a microwave uses radiation that water particles in food pick up and vibrate to. 

You know, as they vibe with each other, they generate heat that spreads to surrounding particles that…aren’t water. And food overall is heated up.

Some people say microwave cooks food “from within”, but that’s not quite accurate.

Instead, it focuses on water molecules, which is why, sometimes, you’d have food that’s hot and cold at the same time.

Because the food contains coronavirus, and the water molecules have social distanced.

No, I’m just kidding (before I get sued by any food suppliers). If there is a low concentration of water molecules, the heating effect of the microwave would be attenuated, and that part of your food won’t be as hot.

Microwavable Containers?

This is why you have things known as “microwavable” containers.

These containers don’t absorb any radiation, so radiation will just pass through them, like how wifi passes through our bodies, or how 5G passes through our brains while exercising mind control.


And since different materials have different capacities for absorbing microwave, it’s best not to use containers that aren’t microwavable. 

Because some molecules might absorb the radiation and some might not, there’s a chance the container will absorb the radiation, melt, and drizzle a delicious plastic sauce over your rice.

In any case, if it’s something with water, you can bet that the water would absorb the radiation, which is why some people place a cup of water together with their food. The water will absorb more radiation and therefore less radiation will go to their food.

If so, they can just reduce the amount of radiation, right?

Right. That’s our next point.

So, What About The Different Settings?

Here’s the thing: every microwave oven appears to have different buttons; some even have buttons for individual foods.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

But it doesn’t matter, because these buttons on a microwave oven are really just marketing gimmicks.

After all, if what you bought is a microwave oven, it only serves one function, which is to spread radiation in the oven. Sometimes, you’ll see a power setting, and that’s really all you need to know.

If ovens with fancy settings are too bougee or unnecessary, simply play by ear and you’ll do fine. Just experiment with different settings, and remember the perfect setting for the particular food you are heating up.


Anyway, those food-specific buttons might sound fancy, but they are the oven-maker’s best approximation anyway. For example, if you have a button for “pizza”, is it for pizza with pineapples or pizza without pineapples? Pizza Hut’s thick wheat dough or some Italian restaurant’s thin pizza base?

If you have a pizza with pineapples, for example, use a lower setting compared to one without pineapples. Pineapples, in their juicy goodness, would be more effectively heated in a microwave.

And then quickly eat it before pizza purists are protesting at your door.

Also, now you know so much about microwave ovens, you probably should know what you shouldn’t put inside your microwave oven, like your annoying little brother because he’ll most likely absorb the microwave and heat up.

You won’t want a heated brother.


Featured Image: goffkein.pro / Shutterstock.com

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