Veteran TVB Actress Mimi Choo Said TVB Only Offered her a $175 Job in the Past Year


While it may look glamourous, showbiz can be a tough and ruthless industry.

One minute you’re the most popular actress on the planet, having to reject hundreds of scripts because everyone wants you, and the next you’re a relic—irrelevant and forgotten.

And this can happen to anyone, even legends of the industry.

Veteran TVB Actress Mimi Choo Said TVB Only Offered her a $175 Job in the Past Year

2021 was not a good year for Mimi Choo, the veteran actress who has been an artiste with TVB—a Hong Kong broadcasting company—for 30 years.

In a recent interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Choo revealed that she had been invited by TVB to collect an award to celebrate her three decades of service, but added that the company doesn’t give her any work.

She doesn’t have a base salary and only gets paid when there’s work.

This is why Choo, who is currently residing in Singapore, chose not to fly to Hong Kong, as she would have had to quarantine for two weeks just to pick up the award.

“No work at all” wouldn’t be completely accurate, though; she had received one job offer for a gig on a variety programme.

They offered to pay her $175. 

Unsurprsingly, Choo said no, explaining that the variety programme didn’t count as a show, which is why the pay was lower.

Some netizens have criticised the 67-year-old for hitting out at TVB, pointing out that TVB had made her famous, but she rebutted the assertion.

“I became famous by singing in bars in Hong Kong. Then, TVB invited me to act. I didn’t become a star because of TVB,” she said.

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Most Film Star Careers Last Just a Year

It may be hard to believe, but the career of most actors and actresses will only last a year, according to research. 

In a study from the Queen Mary University of London in 2019, researchers conducted an analysis of more than two million film stars and found that both men and women will be busiest in the earliest stages of their career, before falling out of favour.

“Only a select few will ever be awarded an Oscar or have their hands on the walk of fame, but this is not important to the majority of actors and actresses, who simply want to make a living,” the co-author of the study said.

In fact, around 69% of actors and 68% of actresses had careers lasting just one year. And the longer they go without work, the harder it’ll be for them to get new gigs.


Much like how a McSpicy will always lead to a visit to the toilet, this is one of those immutable facts of life.

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