Minced Meat from Giant Allegedly Contains Plastic; Giant & Manufacturer Have Since Responded

Every young adult my age typically shop for groceries at supermarkets like Giant and Fairprice.

Most of us belongs to the “spoilt” generation and we prefer the clean comfortable environment of the supermarkets.

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That and we feel that the quality control at supermarkets is better than the markets.

While that might be true for the most part, it doesn’t mean we can afford to be careless when buying from these places.

Because incidents like these might still happen.

Lady Finds “Bits of Plastic” in Minced Meat

On 4 Sep, a Facebook user, Candy Chan, took to Facebook to highlight her experience with Giant.

Her helper had purchased a packet of minced meat from Tiong Lian Food from [email protected] Terrace.

Image: Candy Chan Facebook Page

When she boiled the meat, the helper saw the plastic and told her employer about it.

Candy immediately sent her helper back to the shop to purchase the same packet and found the same problem as well.

Even after boiling the meat at a high temperature, the plastic didn’t melt.

And to make it worse, it seemed that the sales of that product were good on that day, with only two packets left when her helper bought the second packet back home.

Giant Now Looking Into The Incident

A spokesperson said that after they were notified about the incident, they immediately removed this batch of the affected producst from all stores.

Image: Candy Chan Facebook Page

They’ve also contacted the supplier to look into the matter.

Should you have any questions or feedback, you’re advised to contact Giant at their customer service hotline, 1800-891-8100 or via email at [email protected]

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Minced Meat Manufacturer Apologises, Said It Was A “Mistake”

When Candy launched into a tirade on Facebook, she was furious and alleged that it’s a case of an unethical merchant cheating customers.

You’d be glad to know that’s not the case. Instead, it’s a mistake, if that makes you feel better.

Image: Screengrab from tlfood.com.sg

Tiong Lian Food Pte Ltd, the manufacturer released an official statement to clarify about the incident.

Investigations revealed that their staff had “overlooked” the plastic packaging stuck between their important frozen meat.

Then, they failed to notice the plastic hidden in the finished product during their quality check.


They apologised for the incident and promised that they’ll put in place strict quality checks to ensure it won’t happen again.

They’ve immediately recalled the affected products from “further purchase by customers”.

If you’ve bought any of the affected product from Giant, it might be a good idea to check it carefully before cooking or eating any minced meat, yeah?

Stay safe, people.

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