Everything About the “Mind-Control Gang” Encounters at JB Customs


Unmasking the Enigma: Rising Concerns Over “Mind-Control Gang” Phenomenon at JB Customs Sparks a Wave of Shared Experiences and Cautionary Tales

We’ve all heard urban legends about people mysteriously parting with their valuables on the streets, supposedly “hypnotized” into a state of confusion. These tales often leave individuals with blurred or no memories at all of what transpired.

Such stories typically make us skeptical, dismissing them as contorted narratives passed from person to person.

Image: Instagram (@bubblepunk)

However, what if this urban legend is not as fictional as it seems?

The term “mind-control gang,” known as “迷魂党” in Chinese, is not entirely new. In April 2023, news emerged about a Malaysian woman who purportedly relinquished gold, jewelry, and cash worth S$20,000, claiming she went into a trance-like state.

Similarly, a recent incident at the Johor Bahru (JB) customs involved a man experiencing a comparable occurrence, igniting discussions on social media. Numerous netizens have come forward to share their own encounters.

Encounter at Johor Bahru Check-Point: Malaysian Describes Interaction with Chinese National, Left Feeling Faint

Jayden Chim, a Malaysian national, shared his encounter on Facebook on 10 November  2023.

In his post, Chim recounted his experience at the Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex in Johor Bahru on November 9, 2023.

Image: Facebook (@Jayden Chim)

According to Chim, he was approached by a Chinese lady near Rotiboy.

She initiated the conversation by asking if he worked in Singapore, revealing her plan to work there the following day, and seeking part-time job recommendations. Sensing something was amiss, Chim admitted he “reacted by holding his breath.”

After conveying that he had no job recommendations, he noticed a “cool smell” emanating from her.

Shortly after, he was overcome by dizziness and started to feel faint.

Fearing that she might be affiliated with the “Mind-Control Gang” he had heard about before, he managed to compose himself and safely return home.

The “Mind-Control Gang”

Brought to light by a Lemon-8 user named Bibipew, the presence of the “Mind-Control Gang”, also known as the “Ecstasy Gang”, appears to be increasing around JB’s CIQ Complex, prompting a warning to individuals in the area, especially when they are alone.

Image: Lemon8 (@bibipew)

In the video, Bibipew shares a story about a friend who was approached by a tourist from Macau claiming to have lost her cards and wallet.

Being aware of recent scams by the ‘Ecstasy Gang’ in the area, he remained vigilant, turning his head away as he listened to her.

After she finished speaking, he suddenly felt very dizzy. Realizing that something was wrong, he promptly excused himself, claiming he was in a hurry, and walked away.


Not a One-Off Case

Chim’s post has since garnered over a thousand comments and seven thousand shares, with netizens expressing their concerns and some sharing their own encounters with similar situations.

One netizen shared a similar experience at the JB customs. According to her, she was approached by a lady seeking help to fill up her Singapore Arrival Card (SGAC) with her personal mobile phone.

As the lady moved closer, she noticed a sudden “strange smell”. After looking into her eyes, she felt dizzy and “drunk”, but fortunately, she managed to walk away quickly to find her friend.

Another netizen shared encountering a Chinese man who asked a series of unusual questions. The man emitted a peculiar smell, but strangely, it had no effect on him. Observing that he was unaffected, the Chinese man left on his own.