Miners In China Can ‘WFH’ With 5G-Enabled Heavy Machineries Like They’re Playing Video Games

Amidst the ongoing epidemic, the concept of working from home has more or less become a commodity.

Which is a definite boon, considering how infectious the pandemic has proven to be. Though working from home may be ‘less productive’ in a sense, it also guarantees the user’s safety.

Which, with all things considered, should technically be the priority right now.

But here’s the thing. The concept of ‘working from home’ is painfully limited, as varying professions may find it hard to operate from the confines of one’s home.

And that would naturally go for a profession like mining, which requires the use of ton-heavy machinery. After all…

How on earth can anyone cram these large ass machines into a small ass apartment??

“Hold my beer,” said 5G.

“Also, hold my remote control.”

Image: Facebook (CCTV)

Well, what can I say?

Virtual reality sure is getting more and more realistic nowadays.

Miners In China Can WFH With 5G-Enabled Heavy Machineries Like They’re Playing Video Games

Miners in Luanchuan County, Henan province, China, are using remote-controlled 5G-enabled vehicles and machinery to perform heavy-duty industrial work from home.

Image: Facebook (CCTV)

Apparently, the company, called China Molybdenum, has been applying 5G technology to the Sandaozhuang mine in central China since 2019.

And well, let’s just say that it has continued to work like a charm in 2020.

Even more of a charm, I dare say, with all things considered.

Image: Facebook (CCTV)

According to CCTV, 5G technology allows workers to remotely control equipment at the mine in a precise manner.

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Apparently, this is a notion made possible by the high speed and low latency connectivity of the technology.

Image: Facebook (CCTV)

With this revolutionary discovery, workers are able to see what they are doing in real-time as they perform ‘heavy’ work on ‘site’.

Though honestly, it also forms a sight that would be better left veiled during this period of time.

Image: Facebook (CCTV)

However, it should be noted that though the technology seems amazingly advanced, no shortcomings, or the early stages of the technology’s deployment, were revealed to the public.

As such, we can’t be certain about the durability of the process, and whether it’s a viable option in the long term.

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Yet nevertheless, we have to give credit where it’s due. And in this aspect…

China has surely excelled.



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