Miss Bikini Universe S’pore 2018 Discrowned Allegedly Due to ‘Rudeness’

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Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2018

First off, what is Miss Bikini Universe Singapore?

I won’t blame you if you’ve not heard of it before: me neither.

Apparently, it’s not the Ris Low thingy we’re talking about here, but a, according to its Facebook Page (the website led to a 404 not found page), a “competition of the highest caliber in the pageant world. Contestants competing will be judged hugely based on their fitness physique.”

To add on, “Miss Bikini Universe Singapore is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gather, network, build portfolios, gain exposure, shoot for magazines, walk in fashion shows, enhance, expand and launch careers, build life-lasting friendships and inspire and motivate others to start their fitness, health and wellness journey.”

There isn’t much result in a Google search, except for another Miss Bikini Universe Singapore 2014, which we’re not certain if they’re of the same organizer, although in both pageants, the winner would get to compete in China.

Okay, now you know more about Miss Bikini Universe 2018 (trust me, that’s about all you get to know), what happened?

Is it another Ris Low or what?

Winner of Miss Bikini Universe 2018 Allegedly Striped of her Crown, Cash Prize & Others

According to the winner of Miss Bikini Universe 2018, Feline Wong Xin Yi, she allegedly claimed that after requesting for her cash prize via WhatsApp, she was deemed “rude” and soon after, de-crowned.

Here’s her post:

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What allegedly happened:

  • Winner requested for cash prize on WhatsApp
  • Organizer thinks she is rude
  • Organizer discrowns her and requests that she return the cheque board (you know, the big cheque board that people give to each other on stage for show), crown ad sash
  • Winner then disclosed that she apparently helped to find contestants for the pageant because there were not enough contestants

Here are some of the screenshots the winner attached in her Facebook post:

Image: Facebook (Feline Wong Xin Yi)
Image: Facebook (Feline Wong Xin Yi)
Image: Facebook (Feline Wong Xin Yi)

If you can’t read the post, here’s what she has written (warning: very long wall of text):

*UPDATES* 9th October:

Hi all, I received updates from Vault Faces last afternoon. I have replied to their email asking for proof and evidence for the 3 clause that they deemed I have breached, just to find all ways to strip off my title.

My reply to them:

“Sorry to say that I can only disagree with all the accusation that you’ve made against me. Please fill me in with solid proof rather than just your assumptions towards me. I await for your clarification before i could return everything that i’ve won.” *attached all emails below*

All I seek is clarification of what i’ve done to breach those clause stated because I have no idea what are they are referring to. They can’t de-crown me based on personal assumptions and personal displease with me.They can’t just demand me to return all my winnings without a valid reason. *Attached below what they demanded me to return, message was conveyed by dana’s partner for Vault faces (if not, a writ of summon will be send to my home)*

Based on official letter sent to me on 7th Oct 2018. There is still no evidence that constitute to slanderous statement made. Slanderous Statement being oral communication of false statements that are harmful to a person’s reputation. I will gladly accept the consequences if this is proven in the eyes of law, rather than an individual’s judgement which is neither true nor fair.

They replied:

“However, the decision of the Organiser together with the coaches & judges, is final and binding with regard to stripping you off from the title as Miss Universe Bikini Singapore 2018. The acknowledgment letter informed to you is official and no further correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

We seek your cooperation to return all the winning items mentioned regardless.”

*attached email below*.

I have nothing to hide so let me share my full conversation, since some of you are wondering why I censored the convo out. I censored it to protect the nature of the pageant selection, because this was not my objective, I do not want to complicate things. *attached the convo that was censored in red*

Yes, to add on to the censored phrase. She did not have enough contestants to begin with. So I helped her to take part in this pageant as 1 of the contestant and got 2 of my friends to take part too because she “was” my friend. Turning the story back, she mentioned that I was ungrateful, hence my message to her.

I want to emphasize that it’s no longer about retaining the title nor the cash prize. This is against my integrity and principle.

However, I am still holding on to the title because if I were to give in, it would mean that i’m guilty of the accusation she made against me.

I think I deserve an explanation before I got executed on something right?

The Miss Universe Singapore 2018 Facebook has an update, stripping Feline as the winner as shown in this post:

And earlier this morning, they fulfilled their promise of selecting another winner:

Well, at least now we know that it’s not easy to find contestants for a pageant #justsaying #maybeyesmaybeno

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