Taiwanese Singer Miu Chu Dies at 40 Years Old Due to Breast Cancer


Last Sunday (3 July), Taiwanese singer Miu Chu succumbed to breast cancer, at the age of 40.

Her family confirmed her passing in a Facebook post on Monday.

Who was Miu Chu?

Miu was the champion of the third season of Super Idol, a Taiwanese music competition that happened in 2009.

She has been radio silent on her social media accounts since 23 April, her last Instagram post used to spread awareness for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) Day.

14 weeks prior to her passing, she also posted a black-and-white image of her intravenous drips, evidently still waging a battle against her cancer.

The first time she revealed her medical condition to the public was January of last year, during a press conference for her album Seize the Day, as reported by the Epoch Times.

Back then, she had said, “Imperfections in life can also be perfect if you see it from a different angle. It allows me to understand the importance of health and allows me to face everything with courage.”

The singer also participated in a Pink Ribbon event organised during Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year, and shared her own thoughts and experience on Instagram.

Image: instagram.com (@immiuc)

“Regardless of age, always be mindful of your body,” Miu wrote. “Take good care of it and it will repay you with health and energy.”

“Over the years, I have attended some charity events, but today’s occasion is the first time it really feels close to my heart. I am a girl who loves to perform. I am a singer, I am part of Pink Ribbon.”

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The Facebook Post

Image: facebook.com


A statement from Li Jing’s family

Thanking everyone for their concern~

Zhu Li Jing, MIU, who was always laughing and full of joy, who used her voice to fill everyone with positive energy, has quietly left us on 3 July.

Towards her work, towards her life, she has always been extremely hardworking. Due to her departure, her family is still in the throes of grief, and have a lot of matters to settle. [We] kindly ask the media outlets and reporters to give the family more time and space.

[We] know that everyone must have a lot of words to say to MIU. We will announce the specific details for the memorial service soon, thank you for your understanding and patience!


According to Apple Daily Taiwan, an image of what seemed to be a contract signed between her and a funeral service company was uploaded briefly on her Instagram a week ago, except it was swiftly deleted.

You’ve fought long and hard, rest in peace, Miu. 

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