MOH Uses Some High-Tech Testing & Found Out There’s a Link Between the 2 Church Clusters


Do you know that cars can self-drive now? Of course you know. You’ve sat in one before.

Do you know that a computer can predict where you’d go tomorrow better than your wife after analysing and comparing your movement with thousands of people of your same profile? Of course you know. That’s why you’re seeing ads that’re surreally relevant.

Do you know that some brainy people from Duke-NUS Medical School have a thingy that can determine when you got the COVID-19 virus? Of course you…didn’t know that.

Today, MOH just revealed some high-tech testing thingy that’ll make you vote for them if they run for office.

MOH Uses Some High-Tech Testing System

In case you didn’t know, the team from Duke-NUS Medical School, which we should call Brainy from now, has successfully cultured the COVID-19 virus a week after Singapore has its first case.

Lest “cultured” sounds too chim, it essentially means “cloned”.

So, whenever the nasty bug got into a human body, our body’s immune system would automatically create antibodies to fight it. That we all know, right?


But the very cultured Brainy did more than that: they developed a system that can determine when the virus first entered your body.

The idea is simple, and I’ll use a very simplified example, but please thank me because I’ve to read up on a lot of nerdy stuff to come out with this (doesn’t help that MOH’s media release is written by people who are too brainy, too).

Imagine you first got infected on Monday. On Monday, there would be six COVID-19 bugs in your body, and 10 antibodies in your body.

And on Tuesday, there would be ten COVID-19 bugs in your body and 20 antibodies trying to fight the virus.

By Sunday, there would be 100 COVID-19 bugs and 1,000,000 antibodies in your body.

You see, the key is getting the numbers right.

So with this, Brainy can do serological testing (which is not a new technology but a technology with a kick-ass name) to determine when you first got the virus.

For example, if you’ve 100 COVID-19 bugs and 1,000,000 antibodies in your body, that means you got infected seven days ago.

Why is this important?

Because that helps to determine exactly when you got the virus, which’ll allow them to trace back on the people you’ve interacted with.

And it’s worked.

Found Out There’s a Link Between the 2 Church Clusters

With that data, they realised a link between the two church clusters in Singapore: the Grace Assembly of God cluster and The Life Church and Missions Singapore.

But how, you ask.

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Simple: data.


You see, based on this latest data, MOH, together with the help of the Singapore Police Force, managed to track back on the dates and found something new.

Working backwards on the dates, it all started from Case 8 and 9, two Wuhan nationals who had been to The Life Church and Missions Singapore on 19 January 2020, when everyone was talking about bubble teas and not COVID-19.

Apparently, during this period, it was revealed that Case 83 and 91 (a new case) was in the Church as well. They then infected Case 66 on a Chinese New Yew gathering on 25 January 2020.

And Case 66 passed the infections to his colleagues at Grace Assembly of God.

With the new Brainy test, the source of infections can be pinpointed more accurately; for example, Case 83 and 91 were shown to have been infected in January, even though both were only confirmed recently.

Here’s a drawing done by the folks at MOH:

Image: MOH

Still don’t understand what talking me?

Then just remember this: Singapore just upped its game by using some high-tech brainy stuff as part of its detection method.

No wonder researchers from Harvard and WHO sang praises about our detection method.

When I grow up, I want to work in MOH.

Oh, wait. I’m already a grown-up.


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