Mom Shot Daughter Who Was Trying To Surprise Her, Thinking She Was An Intruder

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We’re lucky that Singaporeans cannot own guns.

From mass shootings to terrorism, this handy weapon isn’t one that should be on the streets.

I remember a time when vendors imported fake toy pistols with plastic bullets into Singapore. Then, I was in primary school or secondary one, bought a couple of these handguns from a mama shop and clipped my cousin in the eye when the bullet, most unwittingly, ricocheted.

Fortunately, my cousin recovered. I never dared to touch even NERF guns after that, save, of course, my SAR 21 in national service.

Today, even replica guns are controlled by the government.

But it’s different in the US.

Mom Shot Her Eighteen-year-old Daughter

In a similar tale of kinship incidences, a mother in Girard, Ohio shot her eighteen-year-old daughter by accident.

That’s a pretty bad case of a domestic accident, isn’t it? Not the most horrific, compared to the countless cases of toddler/child shooting another sibling due to ignorance on what a gun is.

Late Friday night, the daughter had come home with her boyfriend and silently entered the house to surprise their mother.

Image: Giphy

Unknown to her, the mother had assumed them to be intruders and cocked her weapon, firing it the instant her daughter opened the bedroom door.

The boyfriend made the call to 911. A neighbour later saw the girlfriend being led down the driveway with a right arm wrapped in a bloody towel.

She is now out of the hospital and resting, luckily.

Detectives found the offending revolver on the floor with four live rounds and one spent one. It remains to be seen whether the mother, a valid CCW permit holder, will be prosecuted.

There is no high moral here, besides the somewhat-useless, debatable “don’t legalise guns” saying.

America has a different context and perhaps to them, guns are necessary due to the vast area and higher crime rates there. Each man may be expected to protect his own property.


I don’t know. All I know is, I’m immensely thankful Singapore banned guns. Except NERF ones. And paper bullets and rubber bands.

Image: Giphy

Maybe one moral of the story is, if you ever go to the United States, holler before you step in any person’s house.

You never know what lurks around the corner.

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