Monkey Tied Down & Spray-Painted Because It Was Caught Stealing Durians

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Durians are said to be the king of fruits.

That’s pretty much all I know about the spiky and strong-smelling fruit.

Unpopular opinion: Durians smell horrible and have a weird texture. There’s a reason for their ban on public transportation so why would anyone want to become one with the stench?

Evidently, I’m no fan of durians. This is why I enjoy watching videos of animals and people reacting to the highly-enjoyed fruit in Singapore and Malaysia, just so I get the validation I need.

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Except for one monkey.

Monkey in Malaysia punished for stealing durians

There are videos of animals reacting to durians circulating online. From the looks of it, they don’t share the same thinking as most durian lovers.

This can’t be said for all animals though.


According to World of Buzz, a monkey in Malaysia reportedly let his love for the king of fruits get the better of him.

There’s nothing wrong with monkeys eating fruits but the problem was that the durian it ate belonged to a Malaysian man who grew it himself.

Caught, Tied And Spray-Painted

As a result, the monkey had its arm, leg and body tied to three separate durians.

On top of having to deal with the physical pain, The Reporter mentioned that the poor animal seemed to be covered in red spray paint – it is believed that this was the doing of the durian owner.

A video of the monkey lying helplessly on the ground as the Malaysian man scolded it (in Hakka) was posted on Facebook on 29 June, Saturday.

Since then, the video has been shared 247 times and has garnered 526 likes.

An Outdated Punishment?

With reference to World of Buzz, the man told the monkey: “Can you see this? There’s one durian tied around his hand, another around his body and another durian around his leg. Do u still dare to eat durian next time? Durian. This is durian. You still dare to eat mah?”

Netizens who left comments generally felt the same way; they were angry with the man and one even said, “karma is a bitch, take note…”

Some netizens, on the other hand, said that the man’s method of dealing with the monkey is not considered animal-cruelty.

Rather, it was an outdated punishment.

To me? The man has crossed the line. Sure, durians take a long time to grow and require a lot of hard work on his end but come on, how was the animal to know?

And to shame the monkey online? Wait till Monkey King hears of this…

Image: Giphy

What do you think?

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