Expert Says We Could Have More COVID-19 Cases in S’pore Due to Community Spread

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Do you see this cute little kitten?

Image: Reddit

Reader: Aww it’s so cute

Yes, doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? What about this guy?

Image: Pinterest

Reader: I can’t handle all this cuteness

It makes you feel good right? Like nothing in the world can go wrong if you just keep looking at these cute felines.

Reader: Definitely

Ok just hold on to this feeling while I tell you about how Singapore is likely to have more Covid-19 infections over the next few weeks.


Look at this little kitty.

Image: Pixabay

Reader: Aww, so cute.

Expert Says We Could Have More COVID-19 Cases in S’pore Due to Community Spread

You may have noticed an increase in locally-transmitted coronavirus infections recently.  And, more alarmingly, there is a growing number of unlinked cases in the country.

Based on this trend, one expert believes that we could see a spike in coronavirus cases in the coming weeks, as the escalating number of unlinked cases could signal greater community transmission.

Reader: Oh my god you mean there may be community spread?! Why the hell are things getting wor-


Have you seen a cuter kitten in your life?

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Reader: Aww it’s definitely in the top five for sur- wait, are you distracting me from bad news with kittens?

Of course not. Why would I do such a despicable thing?

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Your wish is my command.


You see, while we were worried about imported cases earlier on, they’re not so much of a concern now because they are issued stay-home notices which “isolate them from creating secondary cases in the community”, said Professor Alex Cook, vice-dean of research at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health.

Professor Cook said that cases already linked to existing clusters are also less of a concern because “they are already known and they’re part of our contact tracing.”

But a surge in unlinked cases is alarming because the authorities don’t know how they contracted the disease or who they may have passed it on to.

As Professor Cook says, this could reflect “greater community transmission”, which is why we could see an increase in infections.

Isn’t that right, kitties?


Image: Giphy

Asymptomatic Transmissions

Professor Wang Linfa, director of the programme in emerging infectious diseases at Duke-NUS Medical School, added that social distancing is vital because some carriers of the virus may show mild or no symptoms.

“It’s obvious now with so many people getting infected with Covid-19, that we have people (who are) truly asymptomatic. These are the people that we really need to watch and it is difficult because they still carry the virus and they can be a transmitter in society,” he said.

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As you know, Singapore recently made a U-turn on its stance on wearing face masks, as the public is now advised to wear reusable masks.

This is due to growing evidence that people without symptoms can still spread the disease.


And we’ve no idea how many of these people are out there. It could be you, my dear reader who loves cats.

This, along with the rising number of unlinked cases, is one of the many reasons the authorities implemented a lockdown recently.

Lockdown That isn’t a Lockdown

On 3 April, PM Lee announced that all schools and workplaces will be closed for at least a month, will workplaces shuttering on 7 April, and schools on 8 April.

Singaporeans are also advised to stay indoors as much as possible, and PM Lee has urged everyone to avoid visiting others, especially the elderly.

We should only go out for essential trips like buying food or groceries, and we can’t dine-in at eateries, he said.


Say hello to soggy Prata and lukewarm Wanton Mee.

If you’re feeling worried about finances or your mental health during the lockdown, just remember that there are always adorable furry little felines to make you feel better at any point during the day.

If this little guy can put on a smile despite not having the dexterity required to sign in to Netflix, I’m sure we can too.

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