More Than Blue to Have a TV Series for Even More SobFest


First off, this TV series isn’t going to be aired until 2021, so your plan of chilling to watch this is going to have to wait a while.


But I’d have to say that’s a good thing, considering that the 2018 film adapted from the 2009 Korean movie of the same name made enough people cry to become the highest-grossing Taiwanese film of 2018 in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

It also earned slightly under NT$240 million (S$11.5 million) in Taiwan and over 950 million yuan (S$194.6 million) in China.

Nobody has enough tears saved up for 2020.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to check out this trailer here:

If you don’t feel like crying, I suggest you don’t watch this: I mean, the Chinese title of the film literally translates to “a story sadder than sadness”.

10 Episode TV Series

Image: mm2

The TV series is an origin story and will cover the students days of the characters Chang Che-Kai (K) and Sung Yuan-Yuan (Cream), and the backstories of some supporting characters.

And in case you think this means the genre will be different, you’d be wrong.

In an AsiaOne article, returning producer Rita Chuang essentially announced that this will be even more heart-wrenching to watch:

“Because the 2018 film was so well-received, it is of the utmost importance for the television series to surpass both the original films’ tone in terms of emotional depth, to move the hearts of the fans and new audiences alike.”

Which means this is a good time to move into the tissue business. 2020 saw toilet roll sales increase… and in 2021 this TV series will create a boom in box tissues sales.

Hsieh Pei-hu, the previous winner of the audience award at the 2019 Taipei Film Festival, will be directing the series, while film director Gavin Lin and screenwriter Hermes Lu will also be returning to the project.

Singapore’s mm2 is producing the series in association with Taiwan’s Goodfilm Workshop. Production will start on 7 July 2020, with a budget of NT$180 million (S$6 million).

The cast is not yet announced.

I guess I know what my plan for 2021 will be:

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