MOS Burger Investigating After Footage of Staff Losing Temper in Toa Payoh Outlet Went Viral


Almost every F&B establishment has its distinct sound.

At McDonald’s, you’ll recognise the beeping of the fries timer when your french fries are all done. At KOI, bubble tea addicts will recognise the sound of the queue number changing.

At the Toa Payoh HDB Hub outlet of MOS Burger, it’s the sound of ping ping piang piang.

MOS Burger Staff Caught on Camera Losing Temper in Toa Payoh Outlet 

On Tuesday (6 June), a staff member from the Toa Payoh HDB Hub MOS Burger outlet found himself in Singaporeans’ crosshairs after footage of him losing his temper at his older co-worker went viral.

@james_sg88 was collecting my Grabfood order at MOS burger HDB hub when this happened this is totally unacceptable #mosburgersg #toapayoh #grabfood #singaporetiktok #sgtiktok ♬ original sound – James ONG88

The footage was taken on a body camera worn by a GrabFood rider collecting an order from the MOS Burger outlet.

The eight-minute clip starts with the GrabFood rider informing our man of the hour that the order to be collected appeared incorrect.


In response, the staff member pointed to his older co-worker, presumably in charge of handing out orders, and said: “Uncle gave the order to the wrong person”.

While the GrabFood rider assures the staff member that it’s alright, the staff member exits the kitchen and dumps an order on the counter before returning to the kitchen.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

Before he even reaches the kitchen again, he suddenly U-turns back to the counter and grabs the order he just put down. He then hastily returns to the kitchen, presumably to prepare a replacement order.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

As the GrabFood rider retreats from the counter to wait for the replacement order to be prepared, the staff member suddenly slams the kitchen counter and storms out into the open.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

Oof. Someone’s angry. With how hot-headed this staff member is, MOS Burger won’t need a grill or a stove to heat the replacement order.

He stormed to the other end of the counter, retrieved an item and stormed back into the kitchen.

At this point, a potential customer appears to approach the counter but eventually leaves with his friend—presumably put off after seeing the staff member “playing” whac-a-mole on the kitchen counter.

Taking notice of the situation, the GrabFood rider approaches the uncle working at the counter, urging him to ask his hot-headed co-worker to relax.

We wholeheartedly agree—this man needs to bing-chilling. Perhaps he should sit in a fridge and use his phone for a while.

Staff Member Repeatedly Pounds Kitchen Counter & Storms Around

Later, the staff member returns to the open to pack the replacement order before returning to the kitchen.

Of course, he had to make it known that he was angry—he pounded the kitchen counter with his palm again.

Bro, relax lah; the fella ordered corn soup, not a rice burger patty… Nothing to smash here.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

A dine-in customer by the counter finally took notice of the ping ping piang piangs and inquired what was happening. Perhaps before this, she thought the noise was a nice touch of the drums on the jazz tracks playing at the outlet.

The GrabFood rider assured her everything would be alright since the rider was recording the whole scene on his body camera.


We also see the uncle lingering outside the kitchen, presumably because he didn’t want to return to the “trenches” to face his angry co-worker.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

I guess uncle can call this place SOS Burger now.

For several netizens who recognised the uncle, it was rare to see the older staff member so spooked. Many shared that the uncle was usually a cheerful person.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

Speaking to the uncle, the GrabFood rider also said: “If I post this on Facebook, he will be sacked, I tell you.”

That’s how you know the GrabFood rider is a real one. We’re just surprised this wasn’t posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

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Afterwards, we see the angry staff member exit the kitchen slamming the counter again.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

Macam quarter-pounder leh. 

He then swipes some items off the counter, causing several things to fall on the ground.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

The GrabFood rider then politely urges another curious customer walking towards the counter not to dine in, given the bad mood of Toa Payoh MOS Burger’s very own “quarter pounder”.

The staff member then leaves the kitchen to place the last item in the replacement order at the collection area. Of course, it isn’t complete without his final “Grand Slam” on the kitchen counter—the loudest and perhaps the most frustration-filled.

Image: TikTok (@james_sg88)

The uncle then packed the replacement order and handed it to the GrabFood rider.


MOS Burger Launching Internal Investigation; Implementing New Measures to Avoid Similar Incidents in the Future

MOS Burger has seen the footage and launched an internal investigation into the incident.

The spokesman for the fast food chain said: “We deeply regret any distress caused by this incident. It is unacceptable for our staff to behave in such a manner, and we are deeply concerned about the well-being of the affected staff member.”

The statement also emphasised creating a safe and respectful work environment at MOS Burger, which is why the fast food chain will implement new measures and training programmes to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

“Rest assured that we are committed to handling this matter with the utmost care and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations,” the spokesman added.

It is unclear whether the enraged staff member in the footage lost his job after losing his temper. MOS Burger should consider offering him an alternative career path as a patty smasher.

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