Mother Abandoned 2YO Daughter Because Her New Husband Did Not Want Her

Everybody knows that the easiest way to have a broken family is to play a game of Monopoly.

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It’s that game so intense that the British Royal Family isn’t allowed to play. If you break down why, it’s about stress and money really.

In real life, stress and money also result in broken families, which can be seen in this article’s story.

Child Rang The Doorbell While Mother Drove Away

Image: Facebook (Ake Srisuwan)

This story was told on Facebook by a social worker from Thailand (translation by WorldOfBuzz).

A police Lieutenant Colonel Thawatchai Nanthaphan Investigation Officer in Lop Buri, Thailand, said that a woman wearing a helmet had arrived at a welfare home at about 3.45pm on 12 Jan 2020.

She then told the two-year-old girl she brought there to ring the doorbell.

But when staff opened the door, the woman was already riding away in a motorcycle. The child was left at the doorstep carrying a bag containing baby clothes, soft toys, and other items.

Image: Facebook (Ake Srisuwan)

There was also a letter.

She Cannot Take Care Of The Child Or Give Her A Good Future

Image: Facebook (Ake Srisuwan)

The letter was from the mother detailing her reasons for giving her daughter to the welfare home.

She is not confident she is able to take good care of the child or give her a good future.

She is poor, and now has a new family and a new place to live. But her new husband refuses to adopt her daughter into the family.

It is unknown what circumstances had resulted in the current situation, but bruises and scars indicating abuse were also found on the girl’s body.

Image: Facebook (Ake Srisuwan)
Image: Facebook (Ake Srisuwan)

The mother also wrote in her letter: “I’m sorry for doing this but I think this is the best solution. I love my daughter, but I have a need.”

Unpopular Opinion: It’s Better For Everyone

Okay, potentially unpopular opinion but I think this is a better result for everybody in the case here.

Just think from the perspective of the daughter. There isn’t a question of whether staying in a family that does not want her there only to be abused is better than going to another family that chose to have you and would love you as their own.

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If you ever wondered why millennials are having fewer children; stress, money and climate change, among other things, are huge reasons why. It’s almost as if we expected terrible family situations like this to happen if those obstacles (stress and money in this abandoned child case) are not resolved first.

Let’s hope they both have better families rather than trying to find blame here.


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