Mother Reported Teacher For Making Her Child Write 50 Lines As Punishment

I bet we’ve all had our fair share of punishments in school given to us by our teachers for when we’ve forgotten to bring our homework or just completely didn’t do it at all.

I still remember the good ‘ol days of getting detention for skipping class or having to stand outside the classroom for talking, but hey – I promise I was a good student.

It’s all part and parcel of education, however. If you do something wrong, you’re bound to get punished in order to really get taught a lesson about life and values, something that can’t just be taught in books and theory. Right?

Unfortunately, some parents, or tiger moms if you like, don’t feel the same way.

Remember the Malaysian mom who just reported a teacher for caning her daughter on her arms and legs after she called him an Ah Kua? Another crazy mom has joined the ranks.

Daughter Was Caned

Image: World Of Buzz / Sinchew

A Standard 5 girl living in Puchong, Malaysia, was caned on the hand by her science / PE teacher for not bringing her science homework.

This outraged her mother, who claimed that the punishment was way too severe as the girl didn’t even have science class on that day.

When you think about it like that, it sounds reasonable that the mother would get angry, right? Sort of.

Wanting to clear the air, another parent stepped up and posted what had really happened on Facebook.

Apparently, the teacher had previously told the class during their class on Friday, 28 June, to complete their science homework during the weekend.

They have to submit it on Monday, 1 July, even though there’s no science class on that day.

Alas, more than half the class didn’t do their homework or forgot to bring it, leading the teacher to have to punish them.

The teacher caned each student once on their palm and let them resume their PE class afterwards.

It doesn’t sound so bad now after all, right? The students were the ones who did wrong anyway.

She Made A Police Report

The girl’s mother was still unsatisfied and called up the headmaster of the school after hearing about the incident from her daughter and demanded to meet him. Just as fate would have it, the headmaster was at another event on that particular day and couldn’t meet her.

You know how when people are already angry, they lose all sense of sensibility? Well, the mother then got even angrier and claimed the headmaster refused to meet her.

The poor headmaster then apologised to her twice, but she still felt the apology was insincere and demanded a sincere apology from the school.

She then lodged a police report on Wednesday, 3 July. Well… okay then.


It’s Still Not Enough

If you thought the issue would have stopped there after the police cleared up the matter, think again.

Image: World Of Buzz / Sinchew

On 9 July, the mother of the same girl held a press conference with Sinchew’s reporters. The mother, identified as Ms Huang, claimed that she did not bash the teacher involved on social media. In fact, she said that she had not even met the teacher, only the headmaster.

She also announced that she would be making a report yet again, this time to Selangor’s Ministry of Education.

Punishment Method Changed

Apparently, after the scare the school got from the incident, the teacher has now stopped caning as a form of punishment.


Instead, the teacher got the students to write lines. Fifty of them, which is far less severe. Guess who’s still unhappy with this?

The mother had found out from her daughter that her classmate said the teacher was going to change the punishment because of how the incident blew up.

Unfortunately, she still wasn’t a fan of the idea and said in the past, the punishment only used to be caning once followed by writing lines 3 times.

Huang then said she would be filling in the complaint form and submitting it to the ministry, hoping that the matter would be handled accordingly. I’m really not sure how she expects a proper punishment to be carried out. This cannot, that also cannot.

Netizens Lash Out

Many netizens on Facebook were left baffled as to this unreasonable mother’s complaints, saying that these punishments were normal and that she was being too much.


Some felt that if Ms Huang wasn’t ever going to be satisfied with the school and its teachers, she should do it herself.

Image: Facebook/Malaysia Sin Chew Daily
Image: Facebook/Malaysia Sin Chew Daily

Others also felt that the punishment was well deserved and she shouldn’t make a big fuss out of it.

Image: Facebook/Malaysia Sin Chew Daily

Seriously, if our parents back then saw us getting punished in school for something we did wrong, they wouldn’t be thinking about complaining.

Instead, they’ll thank and praise the teacher for doing her job, after they apologised sincerely to the teacher.

The generation gap is apparent even more so at times like this. Feel old yet?

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