M’sian Mom Scolds School Teacher For Caning Her Daughter, Allegedly Lodged A Police Report

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook Video


If you’re able to relate to this article about buses in 1995, chances are, you’d been caned before by your mother while growing up.

In fact, your mom might’ve told you to choose the colour yourself.

Now, some of us are of the opinion that being caned with a rotan is partly the reason why we turn out (semi) alright.

Don’t shoot me with a SAR21, I said some. 

Others don’t think so. Others like this mother in Malaysia.

M’sian Student Allegedly Called Teacher An “Ah Kua”

On 24 June 2019, Facebook Page Heaven And Earth Entertainment uploaded a video of a Malaysian mother scolding a teacher.


Her daughter had allegedly called the teacher “Ah Kua”.

And it wasn’t in private. It was in a public setting in front of other students.

So, in an effort to discipline the girl, he decided to cane her on the arms and legs.

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook Video
Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook Video

Sounds reasonable? Not according to the mother.

Punishment Was Unnecessarily Harsh

The mother told the teacher that his actions were unacceptable. To the mother, the girl had merely used her words and not resorted to physical violence.

Mother: You think you’re such a big teacher… Don’t do this. You used the cane to hit a child like this, look. You caned her until it turned out this way. As a teacher, you cannot do this. You already did something wrong. She was just talking to you, did she hit you? If she did hit you, then it’s fine if you hit her. Don’t be like this. You said you were angered? You can fight?

Even after the teacher had clarified if the mother had known what her daughter had called him, she wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

Teacher: But ma’am, did you ask her what she said to me?

Mother: Ah kua? But she already said sorry, right? Did she say sorry?

Teacher: Yes, once.

Mother: Once is not enough? How many times do you need her to say sorry?

The teacher explained that the daughter only apologised after her caning session, and only because her friend told her to.

Police Report Allegedly Lodged

According to The Star, other than the video of the conflict, photos of the girls’ injuries and her holding a police report, allegedly lodged against the teacher.

On 25 June 2019, Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik also said that the Johor Baru District Education Office (PPD) are now conducting investigations into the incident

“(This is) so that justice can be given to both the teacher and student involved.”

The education deputy minister, Teo Nie Ching, mentioned that corporal punishment (caning) in school is prohibited.


“Caning in school is especially prohibited for female students. However, light caning on the palm or buttocks – which is layered by clothes – is permissible for male students but it has to be authorised by the headmaster/mistress.”

Netizens Support Teacher

When it comes to controversial issues like these, the comment section is as interesting to browse through as the content itself.

And most netizens took the side of the teacher.

Some felt that the mother was disgraceful.

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook
Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook

The teacher was just doing his job.

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook

It’s better to learn in school than outside.

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook
Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook

Some netizens, on the other hand, disapprove of the teacher’s actions.

Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook
Image: Heaven And Earth Entertainment Facebook

Well, that’s the netizens’ opinions.


How about you? What do you think?


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