MP Who Gave Suggestion of ‘Expiry Date’ for Degree Responds After His Suggestion Went Viral


Uh, yup, because our university degrees have an expiry date just like food too.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of West Coast Group Representative Constituency (GRC) Member of Parliament (MP) Ang Wei Neng’s self-proclaimed “radical” idea.

…Which is to make local university degrees expire after five years.

Well, kinda.

In the spirit of lifelong learning, Ang suggested in Parliament on Tuesday (1 March) that it should be mandatory for degree holders to attend upgrading courses every five years if they do not want their degree to lose its validity.

He also recommended other things that you can read about here, but clearly everyone just paid attention to this lah.

His speech clearly caused much uproar, with many Singaporeans taking to social media platforms like Instagram to rant about how silly they thought the idea was, and how Ang’s speech came from a place of ignorance.

Many Singaporeans also joked about how we would need to send our MPs for re-certification every five years in the event that his suggestion was taken into consideration.

I mean, there were also people who found loopholes in his speech lah. Don’t get a degree from a local university lorh.

Well, two days after all that hoo-ha, Ang finally addressed this issue on his Facebook page.

In his post, he explained that his intention was to “emphasise the need for Singaporeans to continually upskill to stay relevant in the modern economy, and spark a conversation about what role Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) can play in this”.

He also said that he had been listening to Singaporeans express their opinions both online and offline and has concluded that “Moving forward, the best solutions will be co-created with fellow Singaporeans to explore more viable avenues to futureproof our economy”.

Additionally, he reiterated his main stand during his speech, which is that the demands of the market are everchanging, hence solidifying the need for Singapore to implement lifelong learning schemes for its people.

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As of now, the post has garnered over 160 reactions, with most of them either being the blue “Like” or the cheeky “Haha” reaction. There are also almost 100 comments on the post.

Some commenters appreciated the clarification from Ang. However, there were also netizens who criticised his approach towards this issue, and others also pointed out that what he addressed in his post was different from his speech in Parliament.


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