S’porean Who Won USD$10,000 from MrBeast’s Giveaway Responded; Said She “Unconsciously Manifested” the Win


Last Updated on 2023-05-17 , 10:56 am

Ever heard of the law of attraction? Maybe you once unknowingly practised it when you typed out the phrase “I will get rich” ten times in your notes app.

The law of attraction is a mindset where positive thoughts attract positive experiences, and negative thoughts attract negative experiences.

So please, even though things are super expensive now and work or school is not the vibe, try to manifest positivity.

The law of attraction apparently worked for one woman who won S$13,000 in a MrBeast giveaway.

If you read on, what you typed out in your notes app may come true someday.

What Really Happened

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, turned 25 on Sunday (7 May) and uploaded a post on Instagram detailing a birthday giveaway.

In the post Instagram later took down, MrBeast said he would give US$10,000 (S$13,280) each to five followers.

The rules were straightforward: the participant must share that post on their story and tag someone in the comments. He also stated that the winner would be picked within 72 hours.

Image: Reddit (u/Majestic_Age9011)

It was unclear why the post was taken down, but MrBeast and his team quickly saved the participants’ names, as mentioned in a subsequent story posted by him.

He also said he would give the money to ten followers instead of five.

One of the lucky winners was Singaporean 32-year-old Ms Sheryl Tan, also known as Meyyen.

The graphic designer found out she had won the giveaway the same day MrBeast announced the winners on his story by posting screenshots of their profiles.

Image: Instagram (@meyyen_)

She wasn’t confident about winning and was shocked to find out she did. She had joined the contest after a friend tagged her.

Ms Tan told the Straits Times that she would use the money to provide a larger platform for her art, which has been showcased at the Singapore Art Museum, and to participate in more art conventions.


She mentioned that Mr Beast’s team contacted her about the giveaway money.

Recreated Mr Beast’s Photo

In the giveaway post, MrBeast was seen posing with a box of cash on his lap and notes scattered around him on the couch.

Ms Tan produced a piece of art inspired by this photo, with a woman clad in sunglasses instead of MrBeast, and uploaded it to Instagram following the giveaway.

In her caption, she called the photo “the campiest thing” she had seen in a while and said she will be “embodying this energy of abundance going forward.”


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A post shared by Meyyen | Artist & Designer (@meyyen_)

She told the Straits Times that she had done so because she always had a love for campy things, and she believed that that was an unconscious manifestation, which led her to win the giveaway.


Campy is used to describe things that have a ridiculous or wacky appeal.

The post has since garnered lots of traction, accumulating nearly 10,000 likes.

She was praised for her manifestations working, with some taking inspiration from her ways.

Image: Instagram

Mr Beast, the Philanthropist

MrBeast is the most subscribed individual on Youtube today, with 151 million subscribers. He also has a massive following of 40 million subscribers on Instagram.

His content genre is unique as many of his videos centre around challenges for money, where participants participate in survival tasks to attain a cash prize. He also makes videos about donations.

MrBeast also created his version of Squid Game, where participants played games featured on the show, like Tug of War and Red Light, Green Light.


He gave the participants a total of $635,000, letting them quit between stages if they wanted to while still allowing them to leave the game with some money.

A wealthy guy indeed, but at least he’s incredibly generous.