Mr Bean Car Appeared Near NDP Mobile Column to Create a Classic Mr Bean Scene

Mr Bean is many things: an avid teddy bear lover, an often misunderstood genius and a human who, most of the time, comes across as one with nary a care.


Yeah, classic.

And now, it seems that the iconic legend of the comedic industry has assumed yet another role…

This time of a patriot.

“Patriot?” you ask. “Of where? Britain? Or Beanland, if that even exists?

Well, lest you’re indeed wondering…

It’s none of those options but somewhere a little closer… to home.

Mr Bean Car Appeared Near NDP Mobile Column to Create a Classic Mr Bean Scene

Mr Bean’s iconic small green car. A Singapore flag.

Two different sentences; two very different notions. After all, Mr Bean is as un-Singlish as they come. Kiasu. Kiasi. Nah, they’re not in Mr Bean’s dictionary.

Image: Giphy

Okay so maybe there’s a little resemblance there. But still.

Anyways, it seems that today (9 Aug), which is a very special day by the way, the aforementioned notion, unbelievable as it may be, has certainly come true.

According to Facebook page Singapore Laughsa car that’s shockingly similar to Mr Bean’s car has been out and about on the roads today, complete with none other than a…

Singapore flag.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

Mr Bean being patriotic, in the country of Singapore?

I smell a 3rd Mr Bean movie in the near future.

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Anyways, as it turns out, the Austin Mini belongs to classic car collector Clarence Tan, who also owns the real-life Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo series.

Image: Facebook (Faiz Isa)

In the original Facebook post, which was subsequently reposted by Singapore laughs, Tan shared that he was glad to be able to witness the National Day Parade’s mobile column from the other side of the road.

He also added that Leopard Tanks and Mini cars do not mix, which is a reference to an earlier Mr Bean episode, wherein the character’s car was horribly crushed by an army tank.


Yeah, that one.

Well, it seems that at the very least, Mr Bean seems to have learnt his lesson.

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You can view Tan’s humorous Facebook post here:


A Mini Named Beanie

And it seems that the Asian Mr Bean’s adventures do not stop there.

On his Facebook page, Tan documents his Mini’s journey, from the building process to the registration of a similar-looking number plate.

For the record, Mr Bean’s car number plate was SLW287R.

Tan’s version is SLW287B.

Image: Giphy

Well, one thing’s for sure:


This man’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds.

And he may well be the Singaporean Mr Bean we need, and deserve.

You can check out his long journey here.


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