MRT Staff Caught Telling Woman “Don’t Bring Your Culture to S’pore” in Video After She Removes Mask

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There are people out there who legitimately care about protecting others, upholding the law, and punishing misdeeds.

And then there are those who enjoy berating others because they quite like the rush of power.

During the pandemic, we’ve seen instances of both: when residents break COVID-19 rules, some bystanders are willing to speak up to protect themselves and others.

But there have also been cases where residents have used this as an excuse to lash out at other people, especially if they happen to be from a different country.

MRT Staff Caught Telling Woman “Don’t Bring Your Culture to S’pore” in Video After She Removes Mask

An MRT staff member allegedly told a foreigner not to “bring her culture to Singapore” after she pulled down her mask briefly at an MRT station.

The woman later took to social media to air her grievances over the unpleasant encounter. She shared a video of the exchange in a Facebook post, but the post has since been removed.

According to Mothershipthe woman, who is not Singaporean, said she is visiting Singapore on a Social Visit Pass.

At an undisclosed MRT station, she pulled down her mask for “10 seconds” just to catch her breath, and was spotted doing so by a staff member at the station.

The employee then called her and her friend over and allegedly told them of the consequences of their actions.

In the video, a conversation between the woman and man, who is likely the MRT staff, can be heard but only his hands can be seen.

This is what was said:

Man: “The fines here are not cheap. If you can afford to pay all these fines, go ahead and do. I don’t mind. But if you can’t pay, then you go to court.”

Woman: “I understand.”

Man: “Got it?”

Woman: “Yes.”

Man: “You from social visit, don’t bring your culture to Singapore. If your culture is… don’t behave, don’t obey the government, don’t bring your culture to Singapore. Singapore is follow Singapore law.”


Friend: “Don’t worry she’s been staying in Singapore….”

Man: “Yes, you jolly well follow Singapore law.”

Unhappy about the treatment she had received, the woman then asked netizens if her actions warranted such a reaction from the staff member. “I get it that I’m guilty for not wearing a mask, but to be sent to the court, did I sell drugs in Singapore? Did I set the MRT station on fire? Did I murder someone?” she said.

Unsurprisingly, as with everything else on the internet, netizens were divided on the issue.

Some supported the MRT employee and slammed the woman for pulling down her mask, while others believed that the man was too harsh on the woman.

Even if the woman was in the wrong, bringing up the fact that she’s a foreigner seems completely unnecessary.

So you go to social media and it appears that everyone is agreeing with your views. Watch this video to the end and you’d realise that there’s a disturbing reason behind this:

What do you think?

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