M’sia Discussing Whether to Ban Chinese Nationals While S’pore Has a Petition to Ban Them


The Wuhan Virus situation is getting really serious. There are now more than 2,800 confirmed cases worldwide and 81 deaths.

Frighteningly, all of this happened in the span of less than one month.

The numbers change every other hour and it’s increasing rapidly, so you might want to download the Goody Feed app for the latest updates.

A bulk of the infected is from China while around 58 or more are from other countries. There are currently four confirmed cases in Singapore.

Notably, all the deaths have been from China.

Comparatively, the SARS outbreak infected 8,098 people and had 774 fatalities.

Even though the death rate seems much lower for the Wuhan Virus, it’s still in its early stages, but countries all over the world are not taking any chances.

M’sia Discussing Whether to Ban Chinese Nationals While S’pore Has a Petition to Ban Them

The Health Ministry in Malaysia will be considering stopping Chinese nationals from entering the country.

This is due to the current Wuhan coronavirus outbreak that’s threatening the country, according to Dr Lee Boon Chye.

It’s a pretty drastic move but at the rate that the virus is spreading, could it be necessary?

The Deputy Health Minister said that a meeting has been arranged with the relevant parties, including Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is also the head of Malaysia’s National Disaster Management Agency.

“While we do know that some cities in China are currently on ‘lockdown’ and it may affect the number of tourists coming from the country, a meeting has been arranged to determine what is the best next action. We would like to advise all Malaysians to not visit China for at least two weeks time as the ministry is currently monitoring the condition in China.”

There are currently a total of four confirmed cases of the Wuhan Virus in Malaysia thus far.

The public is advised to avoid public places and to practice good hygiene, while those who have been to China in recent months are advised to get medical help should they display any symptoms.

Singapore Has A Petition To Ban Chinese Nationals

While the government of our neighbouring country is in talks to ban Chinese Nationals, the citizens of Singapore took it upon themselves to launch a petition.

The online petition calls on the government of Singapore to “temporarily stop” Chinese nationals and travellers from China from entering Singapore.


It has since garnered over 49K signatures and the number is increasing rapidly.

It was created on the day that the fourth case of the Wuhan virus was confirmed.

Latest Update: Malaysia Has An Online Petition Too

Malaysia too has its own petition to “push the government to bar Chinese people from entering” Malaysia and it has a lot of signatures.

I’m talking take the number of signatures for the Singapore petition and times 10.

It has a whopping 358,377 signatures. They really want this bad.

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Let’s hope that our respective authorities will make the best decision.