M’sia Law Firm Apologises After Posting Job Offer That Must be ‘Good-Looking’ & Female

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Usually, law firms would have a particular set of criteria for young, budding contestants.

Capability, for sure, is one parameter they would look out for.

A silver spoon could be another viable factor considering all the verbal arguments they get up to in court.

Of course, professionalism, efficiency and all the other key traits that warrant a staggering pay of more than $4000 a month.

Truly, the lawyer professional is not an easy one to get into.

And to cap it all off?

You even need to be a good-looking female to get into particular law firms.

Or at least, that’s what the following job advert seems to indicate.

M’sia Law Firm Apologises After Posting Job Offer That Must be ‘Good-Looking’ & Female

On 8 March 2021, Facebook user Aidil Khalid shared a rather controversial job advert on the social media platform.

From the looks of it, a law firm seems to be looking for a legal assistant…

Who must be a good-looking female. No exceptions allowed.

Image: Facebook (Aidil Khalid)

Though attractiveness may indeed play a part in terms of employment prospects, it’s probably one of the rare few times we’ve actually seen such a taboo criteria… displayed explicitly.

Little wonder why it would draw such a strong response from the poster, really.

“Requirement: “female only & good looking”. Seriously?” he wrote.
“Are you looking for a legal assistant or a sugar baby?”
And Netizens largely concurred.
“Getting clients for legal matters or sugary matters?” one asked.
However, some did wonder whether the description simply referred to a presentable-looking lady.
Most, however, didn’t buy the notion.
You can view the Facebook post down below:


Apparently, the law firm in question, Rafiq & Co, has since removed the requirement from the Malaysian Bar website.


They have also apologised for the matter, stating that the advertisement was an “honest mistake”.

“We have retracted the advertisement and we regret the mistake,” they said.

“Once again, we offer our apologies.”

Not The First Time

However, it seems that such requests on the Malaysian Bar website are not entirely rare.

Back in 2019, a similar incident had occurred, though the guilty party appears to have been a different firm.

One of the requirements stated was “candidate with attractive appearance”.

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Image: Twitter (mogana_sundari)

But considering how it’s the lawyer industry and not a specifically looks-based one we’re talking about here…

We can only wonder how the adverts even got through in the first place.


Meanwhile, here are ten other job adverts that will make you feel slightly better about the one we just explored.

Featured Image: Facebook (Aidil Khalid)

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