M’sia Professor Tries Finding Wife on Facebook, Allegedly get ‘Thousands’ of Applicants

Valentines’ Day came early for this M’sia Professor when he received thousands of applicants queuing up to be his wife. Yes, you’ve heard me, this professor had tried finding a wife on Facebook.

After all, what’s a better way to find a wife than searching up online in this digital age, right?

Looking for Love

Dr Mohd Ariff Ahmad Nazri, 32, is a university lecturer who teaches at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has it all going together, but was lacking something in his life- a life partner. Being the eldest in the family, his parents had often asked about his plans for marriage. Hence, he has decided to go on Facebook to search a wife.

Facebook: Harian Metro

Result? He has to temporarily deactivate his Facebook account due to the thousands of applicants flooding his inbox.

After the post has gone viral, it has garnered over 1,500 likes and shared over 900 times. (insane, huh?) The bachelor went on to list out the qualities he was searching for in his future wife.

Due to his job prospects, he stated that his wife must have plans to pursue a PhD programme, be good in ironing clothes, independent and has a great personality. To have these qualities would be beneficial for him, given that it is necessary for his partner to understand his career. 

He also had some future plans for him and his wife

I’ve got everything covered such as our house, transportation, education fees for our children, and everything we need after our wedding. 

Initially shared among his circle of friends, he did not expect it to go viral, and neither did we. What are his plans from now on?

He stated that he would be waiting for the situation to calm down before he makes a choice. I bet it would be a long process for him to go through every single application. We wish him all the best and may he ask the lucky lady out on a Valentine’s Day date! 


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