Reunion Video of 2 Doggies With M’sian After Borders Reopen Got Over 1 Million Views

After the land border between Singapore and Malaysia was opened, we have seen families being reunited after two years of being separated.

But a different type of family was recently reunited.

After finally returning to his home in Malaysia, a man was enthusiastically welcomed by his two dogs, proving how they are truly man’s best friends.


TikTok of Reunion Gone Viral

On 2 April, the man posted a video of the reunion on TikTok and it has since gone viral, garnering over one million views.

He captioned, “Finally after 486 days….. I meet my babies Simba and Nala.” Aww.

In the video, the man could be seen standing outside his front gate, with one of the dogs already excitedly greeting him. The other dog could be seen barking enthusiastically in its cage.

Image: TikTok (paandichelsea)

Eager to be with its owner once again, the dog was seen jumping at him, barking and wagging its tail the moment the man entered the gate.

Paw-some Affection

The two large canines are then shown to be jumping at him while he showers them with lots of love in the form of hugs and pats.

Finally, the man bends down to embrace both of his dogs.

Image: TikTok (paandichelsea)

We can already see all dog owners looking adoringly at this scene.

But the dogs just couldn’t get enough of their owner after being apart for so long.

In the next shot, the man is on the ground with the dogs rolling around on him.

After much expression of affection, the dogs managed to calm down enough to take an adorable photo with the man.

Image: TikTok (paandichelsea)

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Online Reactions

Many people have commented on the TikTok video, expressing how touching the scene was.

One user even noted that despite the man donning a mask and standing outside the gate, the dogs could already tell it was him.


You can watch the whole reunion here:

@paandichelsea Finally after 486 days….. I meet my babies Simba and Nala🥰😭☹️#goldenretriever #lehlusimbanala #singaporelockdownparithapangal #doglover #simba #Nala ♬ original sound – 🔵Paandi Chelsea🔵

Indeed, the easing of border restrictions has brought much happiness to those who have been separated for such a long time.

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Featured Image: TikTok (paandichelsea)