M’sian Singer Who Was Arrested For Keeping Sun Bear Gets Massive Backlash After ‘Apology’ IG Post

Image: mstar.com.my / NST

In what was truly a bizarre case of “You think, I thought, Who confirm?”, the Malaysian singer who was arrested for having a sun bear in her flat has gotten further into trouble after posting a public Instagram apology.

Image: mstar.com.my

The gist of the story was that Zarith Sofia, a Malaysian singer and a former contestant on the reality show, Rockanova, had kept a sun bear in her apartment after claiming to have mistaken it for a dog.

Image: NST

This curious case only came to light when neighbours spotted the sun bear after it popped its head of the singer’s apartment window.

Zarith was promptly arrested and is now being investigated for possessing a protected wild animal.

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Now Viral Instagram Posting For All The Wrong Reasons

In an apparent act of remorse, the singer posted an apology on Instagram on Sunday (9 June).

In it, Zarith shared she had no intention of hurting the bear and merely wanted to protect it.

She added that she was expecting to see Bruno (the name she had affectionately given to the bear) again in the future.

According to the post, Zarith explained that she was never an early person, but took pains to take care of Bruno like her own baby, and thanked the general public for advice while apologising for her actions.


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Tidak terdetik di hati untuk menyakiti , niat di hati nak melindungi tapi ini takdir ilahi takpe bruno , kita pasti berjumpa lagi 🐻🐻 . . . . Aku bukan jenis bangun pagi Ke kelab malam cari rezeki tapi kerana kau, aku jaga macam bayi skali lagi ini takdir ilahi semoga bruno di rahmati 🐻🐻 . . . Buat rakyat Malaysia yang dihormati terima kasih atas segala teguran yang diberi.. harap saya dapat memperbaiki diri Moga lebih berhati-hati . . . . ini juga takdir ilahi kerana saya insan sedar diri dan juga dengan rendah diri Saya pohon sepuluh jari maaf kan lah kekhilafan saya ini. . . . #prayforbruno #prayforloveandpeace #oohhpiaa #luff #peace #respect #behumble #bekind #begood #stayhumble #frankolandmanagement #mummybear #bruno #bearbruno #staylow #forgivemeplease

A post shared by Cik Pia (Zarith Sofia Yasin) (@oohhpiaa) on

Apology Not Accepted

Her apology though did not go down well with the masses.

According to World Of Buzz, netizens pointed out she would not have caged and starved the bear for days if she had treated it like her own baby.

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Image: Comment from Astro Gempak Facebook/ Translated by World Of Buzz

Another said she should have handed it over to the authorities upon realizing it was not a dog.

Image: Comment from Astro Gempak Facebook/ Translated by World Of Buzz

One netizen added she had merely used the sun bear as a publicity stunt considering her lack of fame.

Image: Comment from Astro Gempak Facebook/ Translated by World Of Buzz

And back to the most important question at hand, many wondered how she could have mistaken a bear for a dog.

Image: Comment from Astro Gempak Facebook/ Translated by World Of Buzz
Image: Comment from Astro Gempak Facebook/ Translated by World Of Buzz

In any case, the approximately six-month-old bear is now safely with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN).

At this point in time, many are still wondering if Zarith is able to distinguish blatant lies from truths.

Or perhaps the difference between either is non-existent, like her singing career. Ouch.

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