M’sian TikToker Slammed for Posting Video of Malay Women Who Allegedly Skipped Fasting in Burger King

For Malaysia, which has a higher ratio of Muslims to other ethnicities, the standards and opinions that have regarding the fasting period differs widely, and tends to be a point of never-ending debate whenever Ramadan rolls around.

Some people think that no one, regardless of their religious beliefs, should be allowed to eat in public as a way to respect the people who are fasting.

Others simply can’t be bothered to give an opinion, because it’s none of their business.

Also, newsflash: eating and drinking is necessary for our continued survival, it would be odd to criticise someone for something so fundamental and natural to their existence.

Despite that, a certain staff member at Burger King decided that everyone should start having an opinion when they uploaded a short clip from CCTV footage on TikTok, featuring three dining Muslim women.

Contents of the TikTok Video

The CCTV footage was originally posted on TikTok by @qthanyy. The (translated) caption in the video reads: “To the three women wearing hijabs that ordered 9 pieces of nuggets and dined in, don’t you feel bad for the customers who are still fasting?”

If the customers were fasting, why would they step into Burger King though?

Anyway, the TikTok video went viral, but was later taken down and the account was made private.

But nothing disappears from the internet once it’s been published; shortly thereafter, Twitter user @amyranadyaa re-posted the video again.

As of writing the article, it has 11,500 retweets, 8,391 quotes, and 19,400 likes.

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The Netizens’ Reactions

Judging from the fact that the original poster had taken down the video and privatised her TikTok account, you can imagine the initial backlash they received.

The Twitter threads merely echoed the earlier sentiments, with netizens criticising the staff for sharing the CCTV footage of the three women without their permission.

Some said that the staff should have minded their own business, others accused the poster for chasing after momentary fame at the expense of the three women’s reputation.

Image: twitter.com

The best comment probably goes to, “Can we normalise that women have uterus?”

Image: twitter.com

Because it’s completely plausible that these three women were either pregnant or menstruating, which exempts them from having to fast. Look, if you’re going to place so much importance on having progeny, then let women bleed in peace.

Cramps are already a pain to deal with, thank you very much, we don’t need more prejudiced opinions shoved down our throats.

 Even so, there were netizens who posited that the women could have packed away their food and left, instead of dangling temptation in front of their fellow Muslims.

But to each their own, I suppose.

Original Poster Apologises for Her Behaviour

Before @qthanny made her TikTok private, they posted a follow-up video to apologise for posting the CCTV footage of the three women, and to those that were negatively affected by the video.

Image: tiktok.com (@qthanny)

Additionally, they thanked the people who approached them kindly to discuss the issue, claiming that they have learnt her lesson and will be considerate in the future.

Since then, @qthanny has gone radio silent.

Burger King has not released any public statements regarding this incident either, seemingly willing to let it slide since the problem had resolved itself.

After all, the only thing (or person) that had suffered from the backlash was mostly the original poster themselves.

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Featured Image: Twitter (@amyranadyaa)