M’sian Went Apeshit X 10 When Wheel-clamped But Met The Calmest Officer Ever

YUP, you read the headline right. Just a few days ago, a woman was yelling her head off at a Malaysian Government officer – for clamping her car.

She was so bloody pissed at the man that she waved her car’s steering lock at him while screaming at the man.

And the best part? The guy seemed to be ultra cool, and never once lost his temper with her.

Made her look like an idiot!

Image: Hype MY

Here’s what can be clearly seen and heard in the video:

The issue started with the lady parking at an OKU (disabled) parking lot without a valid card to show for it. She parked her car there to go and grab some food, and when she returned, she found her car clamped.

The officer was right there, so she just goes all ape-shit on him.

At the start of the video, one can see her challenging the officer by asking if he’s a man. I mean, why bring that whole topic into a discussion about your parking la!

The officer calls her out on that, and tells her that his gender has absolutely nothing to do with the matter (wah seh, damn cool of him to actually answer a rhetorical question).

AND THEN she rephrases herself and questions him again.

This time, she says that she’s buying food for an OKU person. She asks him if it’s wrong for her to park here, as there’s clearly no parking elsewhere.

We can guess that she assumes that as she’s buying food for behalf of a disabled person, and that gives her the allowance to park in the disabled parking lot.

Image: The Star Online

She tells the officer that she wanted to buy the food/product quickly and exit, because SHE KNOWS she can’t park there. HA, so she knows la what she’s done is wrong in the first place!

The officer asks her to calm down when she starts waving the car’s steering lock closer at him. The woman continues her rant by saying that she’s helping her husband, who is an OKU. She stamps her feet at him, and insists that she has a right to park there as she’s helping her disabled husband.

She repeatedly says “Saya tolong OKU”, which means that she’s helping disabled people.

She also chips in and says that OKU takde masa – disabled people have no time. So she’s the helper and she thinks that allows her to use the parking lot!

Towards the end of the video, we can see the officer asking her to control herself. The video is apparently recorded by another MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) staff, who chips in and asks his colleague to get her to produce an OKU card as proof.

The video, which is 1 minute and 37 seconds long, ends with her still screaming her head off at the officer. It has been made viral by netizens who fired the lady for her bad behaviour, and praised the officer for keeping his head cool and composed during the entire process.

The lady is being investigated by the police officials, and her car was towed by the MPSJ authorities following the incident. If she’s found guilty of criminal intimidation, she faces a jail term of up to 2 years, a fine, or both counts.

So here’s the thing: don’t try your luck yelling at the authority when you’re at fault. The logic of “go bang table and your problem will be solved” is a fallacy.

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