M’sia Influencer MsPuiyi Quitting OnlyFans for Good to be a DJ

Career switches aren’t that hard, right?


It seems to be pretty easy for Malaysian OnlyFans creator Siew Puiyi, more commonly known as MsPuiYi.

Quitting OnlyFans to Be A DJ

Malaysian influencer MsPuiyi, usually recognised for her OnlyFans content, recently shared a surprising piece of news during a press conference.

While she has gotten herself pretty far with her OnlyFans content, she has announced that she will be giving up OnlyFans for good.


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Having recently earned her business degree, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything she cannot do.

And that’s exactly it – she wants to become a DJ, and she will be quitting OnlyFans to focus on this brand new commitment.

“Sexy, With a Bold Behaviour”

MsPuiyi has said before that she is a brand presenting the image of being “sexy, with a bold behaviour”.

While this branding and image was exactly what garnered her her armies of fans and followers, it has also drawn waves of criticism to her.

However, the 24-year-old appears to be unfazed by the criticism.

She continues to embody the image she presents, marching onwards boldly in doing the things she aspires to do.

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In spite of that, MsPuiyi believes that it is now time for her to close that chapter of her life in order to start on the next.

The influencer aspires to focus on what she loves – music, which is why she’s choosing to become a DJ instead of remaining as an OnlyFans creator.

A Plan Three Years in the Works

This wasn’t an abrupt and easy decision for the Malaysian influencer either.

Apparently, her plan of switching careers and becoming a DJ has been in the works for more than three years.

The influencer shared that her previous planned debut had been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we were busy at home making Dalgona Coffee and doing home workouts, she took the opportunity during the downtime in the pandemic to hone and refine her skills as a DJ.

Not Exactly Leaving Her Fans High & Dry

MsPuiyi however, will still continue modelling, although she adds that it will not be as explicit in the future.

Her current supporters will also still be able to access her earlier works.

The creator will also continue to act, and fans can look forward to her role in the upcoming movie “KL Love Story”.

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