Mum & Son in Road Rage Incident Back in S’pore & Haven’t Been Charged

The mother and son who went viral after a road rage incident in Malaysia were arrested on 14 July after they turned themselves in in JB, but they’re now back in Singapore.

And they’ve not been charged yet.

Mum & Son in Road Rage Incident Back in S’pore & Haven’t Been Charged

According to Iskandar Puteri district police chief Rahmat Ariffin, the duo are now out on bail, and have returned back to Singapore.

It’s unknown when they had returned to Singapore.

They’d have to be contactable at all times, and will have to attend court when summoned.

In addition, both of them haven’t been charged yet.

However, the investigation papers have been submitted to the deputy public prosecutor, which means the prosecutor would now have to decide if they’re going to charge the duo.

Previously, it was reported that the duo was wanted for a case of mischief.

What Happened

According to the woman, her son has been driving the car, and noticed that the Toyota Alphard had been cutting lanes throughout the journey.

The Alphard then allegedly tried to cut into the Cerato’s lane from the left.

The slight sideswiping then occurred.

The woman claimed that she originally wanted to let the matter rest as the scratches weren’t serious, but the Alphard driver allegedly stopped the car and approached the woman and her son. He cursed at them, and challenged her son for a “one-to-one fight”.

That was when she alighted from the car to reason with him, but the Alphard driver then went back to his car.

The woman stood in front of the car, wanting the Alphard driver to come out to speak.

But the Alphard moved forward instead.

Because the car plate was injuring her, and in a fit of anger and pain, she ripped it off and tossed it at the windscreen.

However, the Alphard driver has a slightly different story.

His son said that the woman had flipped the bird at the Alphard driver when he approached her immediately after the accident. He claimed that the woman had asked him to come out from his car.

Now, remember: the woman claimed that she was willing to let it go, and that the Alphard driver was the one who approached the woman.

The son also claimed that Alphard driver was very calm, and that is, once again, a conflicting account of what the woman had said: she said he was angry and even challenged the woman’s son for a fight.

However, if you’re wondering why we all hate on the woman despite the fact that there were two violent incidents (tossing of car plate by the woman and moving of car by the Alphard driver when the woman is in front), watch this to the end and you’d understand:

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