One More ISP Hit: MyRepublic Broadband Was Down for About 3 Hours This Morning

Be it when you work from home or when you read trashy Goody Feed articles during lunch or a toilet break, internet access is way too important now.

Imagine it going down during peak working hours.


MyRepublic Mishaps

It happened more recently than you think.

This morning (28 May 2020), users of Internet service provider (IS) MyRepublic in the north and west of Singapore had internet connection issues.

Image: Facebook (MyRepublic)

According to the Down Detector, a website that tracks internet outages, report of connection problems arose around 7 am.

At around 8.31 am, the ISP started a Facebook thread updating the public on the maintenance work.

The post stated that the team was aware of the issues in the north and west and were investigating immediately.

Only around three minutes later, however, did the number of complaints spike to over 620.

Imagine waking up at 7.30 am and not being able to read Goody Feed articles for over an hour. An extreme disaster, honestly.


Yeah, that’s not a shark, just how fast people can complain.

Around 9.10 am, some users were apparently able to have internet access, but MyRepublic still encouraged the rest to wait a bit longer.

Only at 10.15 am did the ISP report that connectivity had been fully restored for affected subscribers. One can only imagine over three hours of downtime during Circuit Breaker.

The team then released a final update at 12.35 pm. It stated that measures would be taken to minimise future disruptions.

If you’re a user at another ISP, you might either be saying, “I can feel you” or be laughing at the plight of MyRepublic users.

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Why? Because during the course of Circuit Breaker, you might’ve been one of the unlucky ones affected by other downtimes too.

Tales Of Other ISPs

Almost everyone has had their turn for internet issues.

Just earlier this month on 12 May, M1 faced the same problem as MyRepublic did.

Only the problem was literally more than doubled.

If you take a look at M1’s Down Detector, you’ll notice the huge mountain of complaints towards the right.


Talk about flattening the curve.


The entire M1 disruption lasted for more than a day, and M1 is offering a one-week rebate for affected users.

However, all of this was just a sequel to the originator of this trilogy: Starhub.

While Starhub’s Facebook page openly acknowledged the problems around 3.45 pm on 15 April, the problems were happening way before that.

Users reported having some issues around 11 am before the complaints started surging around 11.20 am.


Many people from Yishun and Ang Mo Kio to Seletar and Kallang went online to express their rage.

The disruption lasted for about half a day, and they are offering 20% rebate on this month’s bills.

I’m personally a Singtel user and judging by the trend of network issues, we might be next.

Be right back, going to be praying real hard that we don’t get “cursed” by these network demons.

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