Mysterious Handprints & Footprints Spotted on Top of High-Storey HDB Railings


Remember how Yishun has a bad reputation for having bizarre things happen there? The “curse” of Yishun has struck again.

This time, it is mysterious handprints and footprints appearing at a housing estate in Yishun.

Before you freak out and think that there is a ghost trying to terrify others, know that residents have a different theory about why these marks were seen.

This is what they say in relation to the mysterious appearances.

Mysterious Handprints and Footprints Are Found in a Yishun HDB Building

According to Shin Min, some mysterious handprints and footprints have appeared on the walls and railings of an HDB building in Yishun. The unknown source of these marks was terrifying for residents, which eventually prompted them to call the police.

Images of these handprints and footprints show some black marks, which could have been left behind after someone touched the dusty railings and walls.


The block in question is Block 675C, located at Yishun Avenue 4.

One of the residents of the block, Mr Aaron, a 52-year-old self-employed man, revealed to Shin Min through an interview that his children discovered earlier this week that the walls outside of their kitchen had multiple handprints and footprints.

As the children thought that the situation was off, they headed out to investigate further.

Upon going to the corridor, Mr Aaron’s daughter discovered that the railings were full of handprints and footprints.


This led to the suspicion that someone was trying to use the kitchen window to enter Mr Aaron’s house. The daughter then decided to call the police as they were not sure if the thief was trying to enter their unit.

Mr Aaron lives on the third floor, and this is the first time he has encountered such a situation after staying there for over six years.

As Mr Aaron’s family is about to move out of their Yishun unit, they had removed the iron grille on their window about three weeks earlier. Sadly, this move of convenience appears to have tempted some individuals who harbour ill intentions.

Thankfully, nothing has been stolen from Mr Aaron’s home as of now.

This could be attributable to Mr Aaron’s habit of sleeping on the floor of the living room. Being afraid of waking Mr Aaron could have led to the thieves abandoning their break-and-enter plans.

Perhaps we should start considering laying a mattress in the living room to ward off any potential thieves.


Mr Aaron also expressed his relief that the thieves’ plan to enter his home did not go through. He had two young children at home and such a break-and-enter could have dire consequences had the children been the target of the thieves.

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Other Floors Were Also Targeted by the Thieves

It seems that the thieves are not only greedy but also quite athletic. Apart from targeting the third floor where Mr Aaron lives, handprints and footprints were also spotted near the railings of the fourth, fifth and eleventh floors.

We’re not sure about others, but the thought of climbing 11 storeys up without any safety harness or net, is terrifying.

If these marks were left behind by the same bunch of people trying to break and enter Mr Aaron’s unit, we really wonder how much these thieves wanted to steal things, given the lengths they were willing to go to.

This news about the possibility of ill-intentioned thieves trying to force their way into the homes of residents has shocked the residents living in the building to their core.


According to residents living on the fourth and fifth stories who spoke to Shin Min, they were unaware of the possibility of thieves trying to enter their units. Some of them were even notified of the incident that had happened in the block after they heard the news from others.

In times of need, it is not surprising that locals turn to the order-keeping police for direction.

The police are currently investigating the situation with the handprints and footprints. To ensure the safety of the residents, they have also put up notices to advise the homeowners in that building to take safety precautions.


Some of the measures that were suggested to residents included locking the doors and windows when leaving their homes unattended. The police also mentioned installing strong window grilles at the opening of the service yard and balcony as a possible deterrence action.

Other measures were to install security alarms or Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the residents’ homes. Residents were also advised to avoid storing large sums of cash and valuables in their homes so that they would not become the victim of a robbery.

For those who were going on vacation, the police advised that they make arrangements to suspend their newspaper subscriptions so as to avoid revealing (via a pile of uncollected papers) to thieves that the house was unoccupied.


We think that these measures may well be good for all residents, not just those in Yishun, to emulate. After all, who knows where this bunch of thieves will head next? It is better to be safe than sorry.

What do you think about this situation? Could this be a simple case of thieves targeting an open window, or does it spell something more sinister in a paranormal sense?