Nas Daily is in S’pore Today (22 Aug) to Film for His 1-Min Video But is Afraid of Being ‘Arrested’


Unless you’ve swore off Facebook after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, you’d most probably have seen at least one Nas Daily video.

The Facebooker, if you’d call him that, posts a 1-min video (sometimes longer) daily about his trips, life nuggets and simply…anything he thinks is meaningful.

His bite-sized videos made him one of the most popular figures in Facebook, having way over 7.6 million followers, now a leap from the 6.1 million followers since we last wrote about him three months ago.

And he’s coming back to Singapore again.

Last-minute announcement about his presence here in Singapore

Yesterday evening, at about 6:35 p.m., Nas Daily posted this and it went viral (in fact, its share could be higher than some of his videos):

Image: Facebook (Nas Daily)

If you can’t read, here’s the description that comes with his wide smile and kind eyes:



I’m so sorry for the late notice, but I have just arrived to your country and I’d love to make videos with you and meet you in person!!

Let’s meet tomorrow (Public holiday on Wednesday) at 5 PM at Esplanade Park (exact coordinates: 1.288470, 103.853467) by the river there are “stairs” so we’ll be huddles there!

We will be there from 5 to 6:30 PM and we’ll get to know each other, make a video, that’s 1 minute see you tomorrow, then say goodbye!

Feel free to bring friends or come by yourself. See you on Wednesday! I’m pumped to make videos here!


With over 4.7K Shares, you can expect a crazy crowd today at 5:00 p.m. at Esplanade Park.

But hold your horses, because with his presence being as highly anticipated as the Trump-Kim Summit, he’s kind of worried that it would be so packed, he might be kicked out.

After all, it’s Singapore leh. Everything also need permit or permission one leh.

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Companies Immediately Contact Him on Facebook

You know you’re there when your presence means a red carpet without you asking for it.

Just ask Nas Daily, whose real name is Nuseir Yassin.

Since his announcement on Facebook, several companies have openly spoke to him on the comments section, an area that he’s always active in.

We’ve got Singapore Sports Hub…


…Changi Airport…

…and even ofo.

Of course, so far, there has not been a change in venue yet, unless a business decides to sponsor him a venue since he’s concerned that Esplanade Park is a public area.

Not the First Singapore Video

Lest you’re not aware, it’s not the Harvard graduate’s first visit in Singapore.


Back in late 2016, he posted this video, talking about his visit to Singapore.

It garnered well over 698K views, and back then, people were generally surprised that he replied to most comments. After all, we Singaporeans are used to Pages posting a video / article / meme and just kept quiet after that *coughsGoodyFeedcoughs*.

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Not in YouTube, So Stay Tuned in Facebook

Nas Daily is committed to Facebook due to its ability to engage with real viewers, so you technically can’t find his videos in YouTube.

If you’re one of these young fellows who has swore off Facebook because it’s for your uncles and aunties to post images of their grandchildren, perhaps it’s time to come back to Facebook – at least in the next few days, especially if you’re a Nas Daily fan.


For me? I’m his fan but I’m definitely going to stay clear of Esplanda Park this evening. Pretty sure it’ll be as crowded as NDP for sure #justsaying

Want to know more about Nas Daily? Check out these 11 facts that we’ve written back in May 2018 then!

Okay one minute liao see you tomorrow.

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