Nasi Lemak lovers, do you dare try this Nasi Lemak cheesecake across the causeway?

Foodies, I’m sure Nasi Lemak is something that you are familiar with. This is a dish that can be eaten at all times of the day and the feeling of eating fried peanuts and ikan bilis  together with fragrant coconut scented rice is a food combination that is heavenly.

The latest trend in making Nasi Lemak flavoured foods such as Nasi Lemak sushi or maki roll is something that is no stranger to you. But wait till you hear about this latest creation that entwines Nasi Lemak. It may just be something you will never have never expected.

Cheesecake. Yes, for those adventurous foodies, you can now get a taste of Nasi Lemak flavoured cheesecake in KL. The first question that may come to your mind is, how is this even possible?!

For those of you interested to find out, this dish combines classic ingredients such as peanuts and ikan bilis with the creaminess of cheese in a dish. If you still curious enough to know more, the dish comes with chilli flakes as a topping too!


The topmost layer of the dish consists of a green jelly that is similar to the taste of cucumbers in a normal Nasi Lemak dish. This is topped off with ikan bilis and chilli flakes.

The middle of the cake is a combination of creamy cheese, glutinous rice and peanuts, if you are worrying that the cheese will overpower the other ingredients, fret not as the scent and taste of cheese is mild.

The addition of glutinous rice grains in the dish adds body to the cake which gives the cake a different texture and flavour as you are able to chew on the rice grains, reminding you of the experience when eating an actual Nasi Lemak dish.

The faint flavour of coconut milk worked to imitate the flavour and scent that you would find on an actual plate of Nasi Lemak.

The base of the cake is a combination of chocolate and  sponge cake which is disappointing as it does not fit in with the rest of the components of this dish.

Another one thing that can be improved would be to have the peanuts be roasted beforehand to impart the aroma you would associated with peanuts in Nasi Lemak.

In order to make this dish a hit, much improvement has to be done in order to let those who taste it get a much more wholesome experience of eating Nasi Lemak in cake form.

On the plus side, the price of a slice of Nasi Lemak cheesecake is considered to be affordable at RM15, which is comparable to other cakes you might find in cafes out there.

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