You need to Check Out this Useful Travel Checklist Before You Get on That Plane

We all love travelling. After all, it’s the only time we can switch off our phones and tell our bosses oh, I wasn’t available without looking like we’re irresponsible people.

Most of the time, we find ourselves unable to enjoy our trips because something gets screwed up: be it getting caught in tourist traps, getting lost or realising you’ve never made full use of your time.

Now, while we can’t assure you that you’re going to have a happy and smooth trip after going through this checklist, we can assure you that doing so will minimise the amount of unhappiness you garner through this trip.

Here’s a checklist of things you need to do before you travel. Take note because they might just be lifesavers.

Figuratively of course.

1. Check visa requirements

This, of course, goes without saying. You don’t want to be turned away at the checkpoint right? That’s like, so near yet so far.

2. Check that it doesn’t clash with other commitments

So you’ve applied for leave and got it approved. You realised that aside from work commitments, your grandmother is having her birthday celebration this weekend. Or for guys, you realised that your trip actually coincides with Or for guys, you realised that your trip actually coincides with your manning period. Trust me, it can be a bitch and a half trying to resolve that with the SAF. Been there done that, got the tee-shirt and all. Make sure you’ve checked through everything, not just work before you make the purchases and all. If not, you’ll spend the days before the trip worrying instead of getting all excited.

3. Bring a photocopy of your passport

Touch wood, but if you lose your passport, at least you have something proving your identity instead of simply asking the country’s authorities to take your word for it. It’ll also give the embassy in the country an easier time verifying your identity, which means lesser time taken before things get resolved, yeah?

4. Research on the place you’re going to

This might sound like common sense but you’ll be surprised at how many people lack one. Check your hotel, check out local culture and practices, look at reviews, check out the prepaid lines you can get there, check out what events are going on when you’re there, make a rough plan of what you want to do before you go.

5. Confirm all arrangements before leaving the country

If you’re thinking of winging it when you’re there, don’t. Make and confirm all your arrangements before you leave the country where you have all the resources available instead of rushing around trying to find WiFi when you’re there. Trust me, spending the extra time doing due diligence in Singapore is better than missing your check-in time and losing your room to another customer.

6. Activate a card for overseas use

Check if any of your cards are usable in that country (preferably debit or ATM) and activate it for overseas use. Just leave an emergency amount stashed inside and stuff the rest into another account. Leave all your credit cards at home. You won’t want to be stranded in another country without money because no one is able to rescue you. And if you happen to meet conmen or scammers, at least the only amount of money they can get from you is the amount you’ve set aside for the trip anyway.

7. Leave a copy of your itinerary at home

Give your parents a peace of mind and yourself too. At least this way, they have a rough estimate of where you’re supposed to be if anything happens.

8. Get a Starhub Happy Roam Plan

This is for people who only uses data for checking maps and communicating via WhatsApp. If you’re like me who uses data mostly to communicate with travel partners, consider StarHub’s Happy Roaming Prepaid plans. For $15, you can get a prepaid line and add on $7 for a 7-day 1GB plan.

9. Pack a set of clothes into carry-on

Luggage gets missing often on airlines and you don’t want to be the guy who wears the same set of clothes every day till you get the chance to visit a shopping centre or wait for it to be found.

10. Get travel insurance

Airports are notorious for a couple of things: being exceedingly expensive and incredibly careless with your checked in luggage. Travel insurance covers everything from flight delays, medical treatments to damaged luggage.

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