TikToker Claims New Neighbours Are Running a KTV in an Apartment


We can all agree that the worst kind of neighbours is those who:

  • Drag furniture and stomp their feet at ungodly hours
  • Smoke and throw cigarette butts out the window
  • Hog large amount of common space in the corridor

However, hearing loud music late into the night may be equally frustrating to some.

For this TikToker, it was bad enough till a series of videos about the neighbour had to be made.

TikToker Claims New Neighbours Are Running a KTV in an Apartment

In one of the videos, the TikTok user recounted how the new neighbours moved in two months ago in an apartment along Beach Road. Music, dice, driving games, and about five to seven different voices could be heard.

Apparently, smoke stench is also said to have allegedly “fill up the common corridor”. The noise would begin at midnight and peak at around three in the wee hours.

Every day consists of different groups of people entering and leaving the apartment. Vietnamese and Taiwanese accents are often heard.

A 34-year-old woman, Ms Chen, told Lianhe Wanbao that after the new neighbour moved in, she was always awakened by loud noises.


As such, she installed a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera at her front door.

Time to spy with her little eye.

Upon reviewing the clips, she saw skimpily dressed women entering and exiting the unit. Some of them also behaved intimately with different men.

In other videos, a man in black was pulling a suitcase while other men were carrying cartons of beer. Some visitors could also be seen in a drunkard state.

Sounds really suspicious.

Security called in

According to Ms. Chen, she called upon the apartment’s security officer to inspect the unit on Nov 20. The man who answered the door claimed that he was hosting a housewarming party.

Ms Chen said that was “so illogical” as they had already moved in more than a month ago.

A police spokesman has confirmed the report and is currently investigating the situation.

Not the first case

In May this year, 21 men and women were arrested for socialising in a KTV lounge that was transformed from a Paya Lebar office unit.

A 15-year-old was also believed to be the main operator of the illegal activity.

The police also seized several karaoke equipment that were found at the location. Liquor was also allegedly offered at the venue without a valid license.

P.S A fine of up to S$20,000 can be issued for each offence.

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