Netflix S’pore Releasing Lots of Old S’pore Dramas & Movies, Including The Unbeatables & Growing Up


If you’ve survived through the Circuit Breaker without Netflix, then you’d know how limited the library in Amazon Prime Video is.

So if you’re on the fence of whether to subscribe to Netflix now or to buy a DVD player, then this latest story should convince you to do the former.

Because for less than $12 a month, you can soon binge on shows like Crash Landing on You, Descendants of the Sun and even The Unbeatables—all of which should belong to the same category.

Yeah, you’ve read it right: we’re talking about The Unbeatables, a 1993 Singapore drama whereby Li Nanxing looked like Aaron Kowk and thought that he could win a whole casino with $10 when the entry fee is already $100.

Netflix S’pore Releasing Lots of Old S’pore Dramas & Movies, Including The Unbeatables

More than 100 Singapore movies and dramas, including super retro ones like Don’t Worry Be Happy or Money No Enough, will be progressively added to the Netflix library from Saturday to celebrate the tiny island’s 55th birthday.

At this moment, there are local shows and movies in the library but it’s rather limited, and unless you search for them, they probably won’t surface on your homepage.

The latest addition is due to several partnerships between Netflix and local studios or distributors such as Clover Films, mm2 Entertainment and Mediacorp.


Netflix’s content acquisition manager for South-east Asia said, “By making these titles easily accessible through Netflix, we hope it will reignite the joy they’ve brought to many Singaporeans over the decades, but more importantly, introduce these great works of art by some of the best local film-makers to the younger generations.”

Netflix has posted images of what to expect, and trust me, you’d be shookth at the additions.

Image: Facebook (Netflix)
Image: Facebook (Netflix)
Image: Facebook (Netflix)

Here are some shows that you shouldn’t miss even if your NRIC starts with T, because those were the days that we rushed home just to rewatch the syndication at 5pm:

The Unbeatables (the scene when he wanted to use $10 to…win a casino)

Growing Up

Morning Express (the one with Mr Fang)

Return of the Condor Heroes (the show that brought Christoper Lee and Fann Wong together)

And of course…

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