Netizen Gets Charged $21.40 For PLQ 2 Carpark Per Entry Fee After Midnight

Image: Facebook (PLQ)

Carpark fees can be really pricey and let us all agree on this – most Singaporeans would compare prices of all nearby carparks before deciding on where they would be parking their vehicles.

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Honestly, I would highly recommend you to do that as well, otherwise, you will end up like this guy here.

$21.40 For 2 Hours Midnight Parking

A Facebook user by the name Rishi Budhrani had recently posted on Facebook to warn others of the hefty midnight charge of Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) mall.

Image: Facebook (PLQ)

According to his post, Rishi was there to check out the new mall for supper, however, he was shocked by a total of $21.40 parking fee when he left the mall.

Rishi had also stated that he was only in the mall for 2 hours, and the fee was not due to overnight parking.

Image: Facebook (Rishi Budhrani)

Rishi had also listed a number of things you can buy with $21.40, if you’re curious, here it is:

Image: Facebook (Rishi Budhrani)

Netizens Pointed Out That It’s PLQ2

However, a few netizens have pointed out that Rishi may have parked at PLQ 2 instead of PLQ mall.

A Facebook user also posted a snapshot of PLQ mall parking charges and called it “humane charges”.

Image: Facebook (Rishi Budhrani)

However, Rishi did clarify that his purpose of the post was to warn others about the parking charges and that he has since updated his post to inform others that the carpark that he had parked at was PLQ 2, not PLQ mall itself.

Image: Facebook (Rishi Budhrani)

PLQ Responded

According to Mothership, the General Manager of PLQ mall had responded to the issue.

The General Manager had stated that the overnight charge of $21.40 is for PLQ 1 and PLQ 2, which are office towers, and that the overnight parking for PLQ mall is $3 for motor vehicles and $1.50 for motorbikes.

He also mentioned that they will be monitoring the situation and will make necessary changes if required.

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So, to those who are planning to head over to PLQ for some supper, just make sure you don’t enter the wrong carpark like Rishi.