Netizen Starts a Petition After $2 Shrooms Burger Quietly Disappeared from KFC Menu


Remember the delectable Shrooms burger that was so easily available at KFC? Priced at $2, it was truly a gift from the heavens for young, broke and hungry students.

Well, today I am the harbinger of the worst news you could possibly hear from KFC: the beloved Shrooms burger has vanished from the menu. Stealth 100.

Shrooms Burger Disappeared in 2021

Right up till June 2021, the Shrooms burger proved to be a fan favourite, especially since it presented a less greasy option to the fried chicken that Kentucky is well-known for. The juicy chicken patty, doused with brown gravy sauce and topped with slices of button mushrooms was one to die for.

Goody Feed Author: Writing about the burger has even made me hungry. Here is a picture to make you hungry as well. 

Image: KFC Singapore

Unfortunately, we will never get to enjoy this delicious meal once again. Or, maybe there is hope?

Fan of Burger Creates Petition

One dissatisfied fan of the Shrooms burger has taken the initiative and created a petition to bring the burger back.

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This fan, with a particularly sensitive taste bud, pointed out how the burger had been replaced by the KFC Original Colonial burger. The replacement uses the same breaded chicken patty but a different gravy sauce.


The petition-starter commented, “The Dijon mustard taste is evident in the KFC Original Colonial burger’s sauce, making it significantly different from the KFC Shrooms fillet burger.” Talk about a true fan.

Reason for Starting the Petition

In the netizen’s description, the petition-starter wrote that the reason for starting this petition was because “the KFC Shrooms fillet burger has been a staple since most of our childhood, it is affordable and straightforwardly simple, effortlessly becoming one of KFC’s signature dishes.”

The netizen also made an appeal to whipped potato lovers to support the petition. In the petition’s description it is written, “the brown gravy sauce bears a high resemblance to the KFC whipped potato gravy sauce […] and this is another pointer for all whipped potato lovers to support this petition!”

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Fellow lovers of the Shrooms burger, unwilling to part with their nostalgic childhood food, have flocked to the petition to show their unwavering support for the return of the burger.


Some left their comments under the petition, declaring how much they wanted the Shrooms burger back and how it was a “guilty treat”. Others talked about how the burger was unbeatable by other fast-food chains’ renditions. Agreed. Burger King’s Mushroom Swiss doesn’t even come close.

Currently standing at over 120 signatures, the petition is set to reach the target of 200. So, if you are one of the Shrooms burger lovers that have sorely missed it, head straight to the petition right now!

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