NOC Now Has a New Website With Ryan & Aiken Missing from Its Team

2021 was undoubtedly a year full of juicy scandals for us to grab our popcorns and munch on.

First, we had the COP hearing on Raeesah Khan. Next, we also had Wang Leehom with his never-ending saga with his ex-wife.

Remind me which season are we on now? Last I heard, the ex-couple were still on at it.

And finally, the big ol’ Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga. What started off as an abusive boss eventually escalated to a full-blown narrative of two business partners arguing.

Amidst their fight for assets and money, down goes their reputation.

You can watch this video to know more about the top local sagas in 2021:

Ever since October 2021 has passed, things have been relatively quiet on Sylvia’s end. Some have wondered if the office has been sold, or if NOC is even still functioning.

Well, we hope this gives you some answers.

NOC has a New Website

Recently, NOC launched a newly revamped website. From its main landing page, three brands are listed under proprietaries of NOC.

They are:

  • NOC
  • Food King
  • Sugarmelon

NOC also included a breakdown of their audience demographics. According to them, 65% of their viewers are aged 18-34 years old. The men and women ratio stands relatively closely at 57% and 43% respectively.

With over 200 clients, NOC also incorporated logos of top brands whom they’ve worked with in the past.

Just to name a few, they include:

  • National Youth Council
  • Mediacorp
  • Shopee

If you’ve been in the loop of what transpired in the NOC saga, you would’ve known that things went downhill primarily due to miscommunication.

Under the “About Us” segment, however, NOC has now detailed values that they will embody as a brand.

One of them states “open to communication”. Furthermore, the subtext states “Be kind and direct when giving feedback; be open and have good faith when receiving it.”

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Ryan and Aiken Not on the List of Team Members

Two weeks ago, Aiken took to his personal Instagram account to state that he has resigned from NOC. He also mentioned that even though he has given his “utmost best” from episode 1 to 209 for Food King, he will not be returning to it.


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Oh and Deekosh also commented ‘But we really were f***ing funny tho…. ❤️’.

According to the new website, Sylvia Chan remains as CEO and co-founder of NOC. Bryan Seah remains as a graphic designer. And Chan Sikeen is still the props manager.

So yes, NOC is still very much functioning and has yet to close down.

Apart from that, it looks like most of the familiar faces we’re used to seeing on NOC are no longer present.

As for Ryan, his profile is no longer on the board. He is currently managing Reno King with Isabelle, an ex-talent of NOC. At the moment, Zi Jie’s house is being renovated.

So, an NOC without Ryan, Aiken, Dee Kosh and also Sylvia (since she said she’d not be appearing on screen due to the saga): would it survive?

They’re still publishing videos, mainly YouTube Shorts (videos shorter than one minute, like TikTok videos), and their normal-length videos haven’t been garnering the baseline views they had before the saga.

Image: YouTube (Night Owl Cinematics)

Previously, each video would get at least 100k views.

Well, only time will tell if they can do a Daryl Aiden Yow, or if they’d be Eden-Ang-ed.

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