Netizens Fired Up & Became Experts After S’pore’s First Driverless Car Accident


Like what one Facebook user commented


Just yesterday (Oct 18), a self-driving vehicle was involved in an accident with a lorry. The test self-driving vehicle was changing lanes when it collided with a lorry. The accident took place at Biopolis Drive in the one-north district at 9.28am. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

Image: NuTonomy

The self-driving car belonged to driverless taxi company nuTonomy.

According to comments posted in the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group, the sides of the lorry was dented and the bumper of the driverless car was damaged.

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In a statement to the media, nuTonomy commented that the car was in the midst of an “on-road testing”. The company also added that there were two engineers in the car at the time and that the vehicle had been travelling “at a low speed” when the accident took place.

In a fact sheet issued by LTA,  LTA noted that qualified safety drivers have to be on board at all times, “ready to take over immediate control of the vehicles when necessary”. The company and the police are still investigating the situation.

Seems like LTA isn’t very happy with this, and driverless taxis might not be taking place so soon after all. As if the current problem of Uber and Grab cars isn’t taking enough revenue for the current taxi drivers already.

Feature Image: The Straits Times

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