Never invite these 10 people to your wedding dinner, if not…

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

Disclaimer: If it’s not obvious enough, we’ll highlight it now: we’re just trying to be funny. If you’re easily offended or you’re extremely self-righteous online, we suggest that you click away now.

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event: you won’t want to screw it up, because it stays with you forever. So, when you can leave no room for mistakes, many of us still make this common mistake: inviting the wrong people.

We aren’t experts on weddings, but based on common sense, experiences and Google, here’s a list of people you might want to think twice before penning their names on the invitation card. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Your ex
It’ll be awkward. Very awkward. Well, even if the both of you parted without a serious argument, seeing him or her just reminds you of the days when the both of you are…you know. You won’t want those memories.

Your partner’s ex
It’s the same idea—you won’t want him or her to be stealing glances at the ex who once shared the same bed. And also, it’s not good to be jealous during your wedding dinner, right?

Someone who could be in love with you
You know, those whom you’ve friendzoned? Explicitly? Inviting them is like telling them, “Hey, screw you, pay for my wedding dinner and I still won’t go out with you!”

Your auntie’s uncle’s niece’s cousin’s mother’s sister’s daughter’s uncle
Yes, we all know you want to fill up all the seats in your table, but do you have to be so desperate?

The always-drunk friend
We all have one of these friends: he who is always drunk (or pretending to be drunk) to spoil a good night. If he can do it in a class gathering, you can bet that he’ll do it in your wedding dinner, too, when alcoholic drinks are free.

Your nemesis enemy friend whom you don’t like
I can completely feel you: You want to invite him simply to spite him. To make him swallow his words when he told you years ago that you’ll never get married. But calm down. You simply need to post an update on Facebook to show him that you’ve got your revenge. You don’t need to invite him.

Your kindergarten friend whom you’ve just found online
Once again, we understand your desperation to recoup your table’s cost, but if you really invite him, you’re putting him in a spot. After all, you don’t even know him well: why you so bad to him?

Your boss
There’re many kinds of bosses, and if your boss is one who doesn’t even know that you’re not married, and wanted you to complete the proposal he tasked you on the eve of your wedding, you know why you shouldn’t invite him.

Your co-workers who are also your enemies
Let’s face it: in an office, not everyone gets along well. So you don’t need to invite everyone.

The friend who is there to sell things network
So you invited 100 people…and at the end of the day, that friend might have spoken to all of them about a new insurance policy. Are you sure he’s there to share your happiness, or there to share his insurance policy?

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