DC Releases Trailer for New Batman Movie Out & It Looks as Dark As Joker

Batman is many things: a serial playboy, capable billionaire, real fitness buff and an all-around crime fighter.

Also, he has a thing for SupermanBut that’s just Internet folklore.

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And yet, despite everything else, there’s one thing he’s not:

A cold-blooded, ruthless vigilante who will not hesitate to cut down anyone in his path.

See, in all the Batman movies thus far, the caped crusader has been portrayed as one that devotedly abstains from taking any lives, even the one of the despicable Joker, who, despite his somewhat redeeming lease of life in the recent Joaquin Phoenix film, certainly deserves a special place in Hell.

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And so, the question begets; what happens when a trailer for the upcoming DC movie  seems to portray Batman… not only as a violence-happy warrior;

But also a character who seems to be facing numerous mental hurdles of his own?

Image: Capital FM & The Cheat Sheet

Well, it seems that the answer is a straight-up…

Joker-level piece.

DC Releases Trailer for New Batman Movie Out & It Looks as Dark As Joker

On 22 August 2020, Warner Bros. Pictures dropped a much-anticipated The Batman teaser on video-sharing site Youtube.

Spanning 2:23 minutes long, the video starts off with a hint of what’s to come, as a slight jarring effect concerning the distributor’s logo begins playing in tandem with the audio.

And yet, we do not know what the trailer truly entails, until the 1:37 mark, when the caped crusadar intercepts a thug’s blow and begins dishing out a real beat down in uncharacteristically brutal fashion.

“I am Vengeance,” he said under his breath after the onslaught was complete. And though subtle, it’s an indication of what the trailer intended to deliver:

A sense of poetic justice that’s unlike previous Batman films…

One that’s raw and, to a certain extent, unbridled.

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And if you’ve watched Joker, you would know that the Phoenix-led film was the same…

Raw, cruel and unquestionably dark in nature.

You can watch the trailer down below:

According to sources, the film is speculated to take place during Batman’s second year of his ‘career’.

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So in a sense, should that ring true, we will be watching an inexperienced, raw Batman rounding up criminals in the maligned city of Gotham.

And having watched a perfect rendition of Batman for so long, one truly can’t help but feel hyped for this ‘new’ version of the famed caped crusader.


And Netizens Are Stoked

To date, the video has garnered well over 9.5 million views on Youtube…

With a staggering 528K likes to 9.3K dislikes.

Netizens have also largely expressed their approval of the movie trailer, with tons of stoked comments lining the feedback section.

Image: Youtube (Warner Bros. Pictures)

And it seems that some have also latched onto the similarities between The Batman and Joker.

Image: Youtube (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Image: Youtube (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Image: Youtube (Warner Bros. Pictures)

And considering how Joker was a success, both commercially and critically, it’s safe to say that if The Batman is anywhere in the same spectrum…


It could just take over the mantle of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy… a notion that’s pretty much non-existent just months ago.

But then again, it may be too early to predict as such…

Though for the sake of all movie-goers, we certainly have our fingers crossed.


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