New Video Showed What Happened Between Cyclist & Driver In East Coast Road Altercation


Remember that crazy situation earlier this month where a cyclist clad in bright yellow cycling gear jumped onto the hood of a moving car?

We have a sequel to that story.

A video from the dashboard camera of a car which found itself carrying an unwanted passenger has surfaced on the internet, shedding light on what transpired that day.

Here is what we know.

Dashboard Camera Shows Car Overtaking Cyclist at a Slip Road

In a video posted on the Facebook page Singapore Incidents (which credits Christopher Seetoh in its caption), the truth about what happened between the cyclist and the car driver was revealed.

If you don’t remember what happened, read this article to get up to speed.


Near the start of the video, one sees the cyclist cycling towards the left of a road. The car then overtakes the cyclist right before a slip road towards the left.

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Cyclist Jumped Onto the Car Similar to a Scene From an Action Movie

As the car passed the slip road and continued down the road towards East Coast Road, things appeared to be calm.

However, things go south once the car stops at the traffic light. The cyclist catches up to the car and aggressively asks the driver, “What the hell” she was doing.

The cyclist angrily tells the driver that the latter cut her off near the slip road. The driver responded that she “went on the side”, and this sparked an argument between the two about whether it was right to overtake along a bend.


The argument leads to the cyclist blocking the path of the driver even when the traffic light turns green. The two exchange more heated words as the cyclist touches the driver’s car.

At some point in time, the cyclist disembarks from her bike, and the driver gets out of her car to carry the cyclist’s bike away from the road.

After that, the driver tries to drive away from the scene, and as we all know, the cyclist jumps onto the hood of the car.

The car eventually stops near the car park of a shopping mall with the cyclist sliding off the hood, hanging on to the windshield wiper of the car for dear life even as her feet touch the ground. The cyclist appears visibly shaken as the driver tells passers-by to help her get the cyclist off her car.

If we didn’t know better, we would have thought this was a scene from an action movie.

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