Low-Income People Living in Rental HDB Will Automatically be Barred from Opening S’pore Pools Online Betting Account

When the new Gambling Control Bill passes later this year, families will be able to apply to bar their loved ones from 46 Jackpot rooms and betting on Singapore Pools online accounts for games such as football and 4D lottery.

Once the Bill comes into effect, it will be an offence for an individual barred by their family to enter or gamble at any jackpot room or start or access their online account with Singapore Pools.

Offenders can be sentenced to a fine of up to $10,000, jailed for up to a year, or both.

Also, if you live in a rental HDB flat, you’d automatically be barred from opening a Singapore Pools online betting account.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Necessary Changes in the Gambling Control Bill

The Gambling Control Bill and Gambling Regulatory Bill were brought forward in Parliament on 14 February as they acknowledged the blurring lines between gaming and gambling as the Internet has made both avenues much more accessible.

Beginning from 1 June, all inhabitants on the Public Rental Scheme, which are highly subsidised Housing Board rental housing for low-income Singaporeans, will automatically be prohibited from entering casinos and jackpot rooms, as well as opening Singapore Pools online betting accounts.

According to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), this is to curtail the damaging effects that gambling has on the individual and their families.

The rental-flat residents are not the first category of people who have been banned from gambling.

Rather, they will be joining those on Government’s social assistance and subsidy schemes like ComCare, and the undischarged bankrupts, all of whom are in no financial position to afford such expensive vices.

Details of the Family Exclusion Order

With regards to the Family Exclusion Orders, the MSF explains that a committee of assessors will decide whether they will ban a person based on several factors after receiving an application, like the frequency of the gambling, the family’s distress and financial situation.

Naturally, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) will also step in to order the gambler to go for counselling or rehabilitation.

The Bill extends to the operators of Jackpot rooms and Singapore Pools as well.

Should any of these avenues enable a barred individual, they will face disciplinary actions from the Gambling Regulatory Authority, a new body that was formed to regulate all types of gambling.

However, the aforementioned gamblers are still allowed to place bets in Singapore Pools in person.

Why not bar them from gambling altogether then?

The reasoning given by MSF was this: “This is because Singapore Pools outlets provide an avenue for individuals who may otherwise turn to illegal lottery or sports betting.”

Logically speaking though, it is much harder to regulate in-person betting in Singapore, since no sign-ins of accounts are required. A bettor can just place the bet and line up again, however many times they please.

In a way, it’s a three-step-forward and one-step-back situation, I guess.

The whole rationale behind legalising some vices like smoking or gambling is mostly geared towards harm reduction anyway, when prevention fails to be as effective.

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Casino Family Exclusion Order

Until the new Bills are officially passed, families can apply for a Casino Family Exclusion Order first, and this will also extend to Jackpot rooms barring the excluded individual from entering such gambling spaces.

In the words of experienced counsellors who have been working with these gambling addicts, it’s crucial that the families are allowed to apply to stop their loved ones, even without the person’s consent, because the gambler is unlikely to apply for a self-exclusion.

For once, the family members won’t be placed in a passive situation where they can do nothing to stop their loved ones from indulging in their addiction.

The Executive Director of Blessed Grace Social Services, Mr Billy Lee remarked, “This family exclusion order gives families an avenue to force their loved ones to face their gambling problems.”

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